Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Was *ALMOST* a Loser Last Night

Yesterday once we got home, I was just plain pooped.  Every now and then it seems like I just crash after running around like crazy constantly for several days non-stop and it eventually catches up to me. 

Do you get like that??

Miss H had soccer last night which you would have thought was the end of the world according to her cries of not wanting to go because she was EXHAUSTED from her day. 
Her words not mine...dramatic much there Miss H?? 

I couldn't blame her, she is one that she NEEDS her 10-11 hours of sleep at night.  If she doesn't, watch out world because we will have one grumpy little girl on our hands.  Really she should go to bed around 7:30pm but more often than not it's 8pm she's finally in bed.  And well that just hasn't been happening, she's been fighting me on bedtime and we've been busy and so she was just plain exhausted. 

Not that I could blame her, I was too. 

Well we got to the soccer fields at 5:49pm for her 6pm game and there is no one from her team.  No one!  Finally I saw another parent on our team and here the game started at 7pm instead of 6pm. 

And my first thought was....oh shit. 

7pm game meant the game wouldn't be over till 8pm, we'd leave the soccer fields by 8:10ish, get home by 8:20ish, finish home work and shower and Miss H is lucky to be in bed by 9pmish. 

Yeah on a day we are already exhausted...not gonna happen.  If we stayed I knew what that meant for today and Friday at school for her and trumps soccer any day in my mind and so we left and went home.  On my way home my thought was, dang it I have to do that stupid 30DS tonight.  Nah I'll just go run and forget the shred tonight.  I miss running. 

Well I called my sister to find out she'd already left for her run for the night.  I should have been thinking "DAMN you overachiever"!!  (love ya sis) but in reality I was thanking the heavens because somehow because she'd already left for her run, meant I got out of mine. 

HUH??  Yes that's my crazy lazy logic right there from last night.  WINNING! 

So after I talked myself out of running and we got homework done and got Miss H in bed by 7:30pm and out by 8pm.  SUCCESS!!! 

After that was done I just wanted to crash myself.  I wanted to be lazy dammit! 
And so I told myself it was "ok to skip the 30 day shred tonight" 

So I grabbed a book and just sat down and read for over an hour. 

But the entire freaking time, I kept looking at the clock and thinking...

8:15pm "you really should get off your lazy ass and do the 30DS"
8:30pm "You know if you skip one day, that just makes it easier to skip another day"
8:45pm "Do you really want to go past September 30th doing the 30DS, you know you said on the blog you would do it for 30 days"  
9:00pm "You're going to lose people's interest if they see you skipping a day" 
9:05pm "Hey lazy're getting fatter sitting here you know....FINE I'll do the damn work out" 

So yes my 9:05pm I put my shoes on and did day 2 of the 30DS. 

Word to the Wise...if you have kids who will in the future or haven't yet learned how to read time...don't buy a clock with Roman Numerals that is the main clock in your house. 
I've had to purchase another clock just to help teach my daughter time. 

If that isn't dedication to this whole process I don't know what is.  By 9:30 I was done and I felt like I actually accomplished something for the day.  Now that is really winning!

Day 2 was hard...I was a hot sweaty mess, minus the hot when I was done, but I did it. 
It was better than day 1 though.  Still have major hatred for Jillian but whatever.  I wasn't a loser at least! 

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the last day of Wardrobe 101 and what basics you should have in your closet.  It's one of my favorite areas and I'm slightly obsessed! 

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