Friday, September 28, 2012

***Fashion Friday*** Earrings

Fashion Friday - Earrings!!

Are you an earring person? 

Do you treat your earrings like your make up and never leave the house without them?

You should be!


Earrings make a difference ladies.  They take your jeans and tshirt while running to the grocery store to a different level of casual.  I know it sounds dumb but seriously...even when I'm wearing jeans and a sweat shirt I always have on a pair of earrings (and typically a watch and bracelet too but that's another topic). 

Not only do I look like I actually tried to look nice but I feel better about myself.  Not that earrings have some kind of magical power that you instantly look like a supermodel (wouldn't that be A-mazing!) but there is seriously something to say about how accessories can make us women feel. 

It's like when you put on a suit for an interview...don't ya just feel empowered already because of how that suit makes you feel? 

We stand up a little talker. 
Our posture is better. 
We walk with confidence.
You are demanding people's attention rather than hiding from it. 

No matter what size you are...always put the best you forward! 

I am known for running errands early on Saturday mornings rockin' some jeans, a jacket, scarf, jewelry and some heels while all I'm doing is going to the post office, bank, library, vet and grocery store. 

This is a great example to how I would look on a Saturday morning except with my hair actually done! 

But you know why I do that?  Because I feel in charge when I put effort into what I wear.  I do not wear name brands, or expensive clothes or accessories...but I know how to make it look like I do! 

And you know what...I get a lot more done feeling like that than I do running around in sweats and a tshirt and my flip flops and my hair pulled back.  Plus...I can tell people think I've got it all together because no one else is that dressed up at 9am on Saturday out running errands...and that makes me feel confident! 

I deserve to feel that way and so do you!

Now how do you start with that look...put on a pair of earrings.  I know it may not seem like much, but they make a difference!  I'm tellin' ya! 
Can't stand the feeling of wearing earrings?  You'll get used it, and soon you won't even realize they are there.  I was the same way 5 years ago.

Have a nickol allergy?  Find a pair that the post are made with titanium or pure silver (Premier has them!)...they are out there, don't let that stop you!

with and without earrings

with and without earrings

Can you see the difference a pair of earrings does to my face?  It's almost like it lights it up or something. 
There are days where I just forget to put a pair of earrings on and even though I may have a necklace on and I'll look at myself in the mirror and go man I look tired today...did I forget blush???  And then I realize I forgot my earrings! 

They make a difference!!  A simple touch but a powerful impact. 

So where do you start? 

Get a great pair of hoops.  And no don't go get those little itty bitty hoops that are no bigger than a penny...get a nice size! 

I do not care if you have short hair...even better for you! 

Some of my favorite hoops are from Premier Designs...obviously...but I'll explain why. 

Left pair : matte gold (Pipping Hot)
Right pair :  Silver (companions)

These are the only hoops I wear for many reasons. 

1.  They are not round.  I cannot pull off a pair of round hoops...the things they do to my face are just scary and should never be seen in public.  Some people can pull them off but most can't...I wish I was one of them but I just am not.  Round earrings makes my face look round...and who the heck wants that?? 

***side tip...just because something is the big trend right now...doesn't mean you should do it!***

2.  I like the size of these hoops.  Not too big but not small that you can't tell a difference.  BE CONFIDENT!!!  I'm gonna pick on my BFF right now but she was one of those that always wore the penny/dime size of hoop and one day I just flat out told her..."You need to wear a bigger hoop, it would make a big difference on you"  And she actually took my advice ha! and she did it just the other week I saw her wearing the pair on the left above and she looked amazing!!!  I've never seen her in that big of an earring and I couldnt' believe how nice she looked. 

You don't have to get all crazy with your way up but no matter what ALWAYS ALWAYS wear a pair!  If you do...I promise you'll notice a difference when you too forget to throw a pair on some day and your friends will compliment you!

You deserve to feel confident and put together ladies no matter if you are rockin' an amazing dress or sweats!  If you are 250lbs or 120lbs you deserve to feel confident and feel empowered...and earrings are a great first step!  Silly I know but trust me. 
I'm even know to wear earrings when I run just because I think I don't look so scary with a pony tail in! 

Have a great weekend! 

Think of me tomorrow at 8am as I'm taking off at the finish line with my 3rd 5k this year and the first one that I will run without stopping since June!!! 
Excited and nervous all at the same time!!!

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