Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

I had the best Mother's Day Ever this year and probably the best yet.  One of the bonuses of Miss H getting older is she can do stuff on her own a little and she is amazing at doing things for special days.  Gets that for her mama!!!  

Being a single parent, holidays like Mother's Day don't really do much for me because it doesn't mean much when you gotta go buy your own gift and card and so on.  What's the point, it's just another day where you gotta do everything....yay me right??  

Well not this year.  Sunday morning I kind of was slowly waking up because the sun was up but was wanting to refuse it was actually time to get up.  Then I heard Miss H get up and she went right into the kitchen and I could hear her doing stuff in there.  Figured she woke up hungry and was going to put some cartoons on or something.  Next thing I know she's in my room and sets a plate on my stomach.  I open my eyes and I see her and the best breakfast in bed I have ever had. 

Doesn't get any better than that right there!!
 Then I opened my gifts and I just cried.  The poems that were included and the pictures she drew were amazing and just touched my heart in a way I didn't know a homemade gift could.  Hearing Miss H tell me thank you for being her mommy when I'm just thankful God let me be her mommy.  Just an amazing feeling and feeling my heart become so full with love and a joy and remembering why I do everything that I do is because of her.  

Love this picture she drew of us

Love that little girl more than anything!

Seriously the best Mother's Day I have had yet! 

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