Friday, May 10, 2013

The Runner inside me....she's there!!!

So last night didn't go how it was supposed to AT ALL.  I got free tickets to a Dayton Dragons baseball game (local minor league) and was excited to take Miss H with me.  Told her as soon as I picked her up from the sitter and she was excited too.  Then she remembers that there is the art show at a little search on the school website and it starts an hour before the game, no biggie we can do both!  

Pick up Panera for dinner (I'm OBSESSED with their roasted turkey avocado BLT) went home rush eating dinner, rushed changing and rushed out the door.  Got to the school and it's packed already.  Of course Miss H was excited to see her friends and I'm on a hunt to find her art work so we can get outta there.  Snapping a few pictures too!  Well I walked all around that darn school and could not find ONE THING done by Miss H.  Then I started noticing.....there are 600 kids in this school and there is definitely NOT 600 pictures here.  You have got to be kidding me.  Miss H goes to ask her art teacher if any of her stuff is out there...and come to find out, Miss H's stuff is in the art hallway, which is blocked off.  AWESOME!!!!!!  

So whatevs....we leave and it really looks like rain.  Check the weather and's definitely going to rain, probably as soon as we get to our seats at the ball field.  So we skip it, get some ice cream for Miss H and head home.  

Then the little voice in my head remembers my post from yesterday and about how I need to start getting outside again.  I've got to make that a habit again and so we headed out.  Miss H on her scooter and I only planned to walk, figured it would be too hard to run with my cold.  We walk for about 20 minutes and Miss H has got to pee.  

Come on with me here!!!  

So we run back home real quick and she pees and I decide to throw on a sports bra and run.  Surprisingly walking fast was too "easy" for me.  My heart rate was up but not in a I'm going to get a good work out kind of up.  I knew we didn't have much time before the rain came in and so I told Miss H we would run past the park to the stop sign and back, in total, probably around 1 mile-ish somewhere.  

And OH...M...GEEEE.   It felt SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

My lungs were burning and I was hacking up the whole time (real attractive) but my legs were there!!  I could feel my old self inside me.  I couldn't believe it.  

I seriously thought the runner inside me was a lot further away but she definitely isn't!  My lungs aren't where they were but if I felt Ok with having a cold, I know if I can become more regular again with my running, they will come back fast!!  

Yes I had to walk some but I only let myself for a few seconds maybe a minute half way through but who cares!!!  My legs felt amazing!!  

Best part of all...I was back at it with Miss H by my side and she talked to me the whole time on her scooter.  Could I talk back to her...hahaha no!  But I was listening to her and making facial expressions to what she was saying.  It was back to our special time!  

We rushed back home and it started to rain on us and it felt so good!!!  I felt strong and happy and in control again of my body.  It felt so good!!!  So last night may not have went the way it was supposed to but it definitely turned out better than I thought it would!!

Have a great weekend!!!!  I will definitely be getting in a few runs for sure!!

yes my hair is so long a pony tail is becoming a regular thing....but not after next's getting chopped off!!  So over long hair!!

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