Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm still here...

I haven't left....just on vacation.

We are enjoying a lot of this...

And doing a lot of this...

Stay tuned...I promise I'll be posting more again soon! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dead Tired!

I am dragging butt this morning.  No other way to say it....I.am.tired! 

Got up at 4:45am this morning to run with Kristina.  Went to her house to run and ran around downtown for the first time.  It was a different change in scenery and kind of cool to be running down there. 

However, scenery was not my only difference...running with Kristina is MUCH different than running with my sister. 

Running with Tracy, my sister, is really nice.  She kind of lets me set the pace and keeps it light hearted.  I'm able to find my groove doing this and am able to go longer.  Running with Tracy I have hit my longest distances with.  When I'm getting tired she seems to just know to stay just a little ahead of me.  This really helps me to keep going.  Seeing her run makes me keep going. 

Kristina, however, she pushes me!  Good lord all mighty do I run fast when with her.  After one mile with her I seriously start questioning how in the hell I am going to be able to get the last mile done.  Typically we start out side by side and then I slowly fall  behind Kristina and follow her the whole way.  Again I like this because it keeps me going.  When running with Kristina in the morning we are on a time crunch because we gotta be back by a certain time or she will be running late and so Kristina definitely pushes us to make sure we get our 2 miles in.  HA!  I am DEAD tired when I am done running with Kristina. 

I love running with both of these girls, both very different experiences and both good for me.  Just funny how different each experience can be. 

Remind me why I am getting up at 5am to run?? 

Something new I've tried.  Luna bars are specially made just for women, at least that's what it say on their packaging.  They are pretty good and filling. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'll show you Mr Scale!

Last night was the final day of my open house...and you know what I did???

Ate 3, THREE!!!, chocolate chip cookies.  THERE!  Take that Mr Scale!  And no I don't feel bad about it.  It's whatever! 

I have a feeling these next 8lbs are going to be really hard for me to lose and I'm just not even wanting to focus on it.  I'm scared to death what vacation is going to do to me and I just can't even focus on it.  We plan to not really go out to eat any evening and to just eat what we purchase at the store.  So I will have the ability to eat healthy....I'm just afraid that my body will know I'm on vacation and think that means to instantly gain 5lbs.  Let's hope not! 

This morning I got up at 4:45am and ran at 5am with my sister.  It was nice and cool out this morning and I was so greatful for that.  The cooler mornings are making me excited for what it'll be like to run in the fall, I'm sure that's got to feel amazing. 

We ran somewhere between 2.5-3 miles and I felt pretty good.  Ran for a total of 30 minutes straight!!!  When we hit the 2 mile mark and I was still going I was really proud of myself.  I couldn't believe how good my legs felt.  I was tired but still felt good.  Seriously so amazing that ME, Sarah, can do that!!!  WOW!!!  I was kind of mad at myself though for not asking my sister to push me to go further because I know I could have done it. 

I'm tired of running 2 miles and it's time to move up to 3! 


Funny side note.....I work for a really small non-profit company, like 20 of us total.  Well NO ONE at work has mentioned anything about me looking nice or losing weight or anything.  But instead....they are mentioning it in other ways.  Like my boss has started talking about how she's lost a pound here or there or asked about where I got my water cup because she should be drinking more water too.  Or others will just mention losing weight to me about themselves but never directly say it about me.  ha!  I just find it funny.  They obviously can tell something is different but aren't sure if they should say something.  The first person that does say something to me just might get a big hug though!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In

Well, nothing exciting to report.  I GAINED .2lbs overall last week. 

HOW?  I have absolutely NO freaking clue!  In the past 4 days I ran 9 miles!  UGH! 

Oh so frustrating and I have no idea why.  I wish I could say I cheated or went over board or something but I don't think I did.

Oh well....this is where I would normally have given up but I know after 3 months that this is just going to happen to me sometimes.  We are women and our bodies are messed up sometimes.....that's my reason!  Take it or leave it.  These are the moments when I have to remind myself to focus on how I am feeling and not what the stupid scale says. 

Last night Miss H had her first night of soccer and afterwards I ran to a meeting and right away a girl that had no idea I was even trying to lose weight told me I looked amazing.  Which is hilarious when I think about it because my hair was a wind blown mess, face was super oily and the clothes I had on was so baggy I looked frumpy....but I'll take it!! 

soccer practice!

This is one area where losing weight is going to suck for me....having to buy new clothes.  Which is VERY exciting, I won't complain but being a single parent, I don't buy myself a lot of new clothes.  Now I'm gonna be forced to, is just not a fun idea when I don't really have the funds to go buy myself clothes that I know in 6 months to a year I won't be wearing anymore.  Hopefully my old clothes I just took to a consignment shop in my office building will sell and I'll be able to take that money to buy me some new clothes guilt free! 

Didn't run this morning, just didn't work out.  And it was ok with me, I fell asleep on the couch waiting for Kristina to come and she must never have showed up because I didn't hear her!  ha! 

Here's to a crappy rainy Tuesday!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Early Monday Morning Run

It is 8am and I have been up for 4 hours!  I am tired. 

I am not a morning person.  I am a true lover of the snooze button.  It is much easier for me to get up when the sun is already up but when it is still dark outside...it is just plain hard I tell ya. 

Last night I didn't get to bed until 10:30-11ish and I should have definitely went to bed earlier knowing what time I was getting up.  Oh well...I was getting things ready for the week, writing out directions for the boyfriend of where he was going to be running Miss H around, bloggin' etc etc.  I woke up on my own at 4am wondering what time it was and was bummed that my alarm was going to be going off in 30 minutes.  I tried to go back to sleep and of course I did about 5 minutes before my alarm went off. 

Hit the snooze button the first time, went back to sleep for 15 minutes, got into a too good of a sleep and must have hit the snooze a 2nd time and I woke up in a panic at 4:58am realizing Kristina would be at my house in 2 minutes if she wasn't already.  Thankfully I slept in my sports bra and tshirt and just had to pee and throw on a pair of shorts and my socks and shoes and get out the door. 

At 5:03am we were off to run.  It was dark out, barely a glimpse of the sun rising at all and it was quiet out.  No one out yet and barely any lights on in any of the homes except for a small dim in a few bedrooms/kitchens.  In this moment I told myself....you are truly nuts...but look at you, up doing something that no one else is doing right now. 

First mile we ran pretty fast but towards the end I was getting tired.  We turned around to finish the last mile and I trailed just behind Kristina.  In these moments I truly appreciate having someone to run with because seeing her in front of me, keeps me going.  We are on a time crunch in the morning when we run, gotta be back by 5:25 so Kristina can get home and in the shower with enough time to drop her daughter off at Grandma's and get to work on time.  So needless to say, we had no time to screw around.  The 2nd mile was hard, but I kept my pace pretty well.  I kept focusing on my arms and making sure I was moving them.  Kept telling myself....your feet will follow your arms so keep them moving! 

Something else that I'm trying to work on is thinking about something else while I run besides just making sure my feet are still moving.  This morning on the 2nd mile I found myself praying.  Praying for God to help me keep going and to keep up with Kristina.  Thanking Him for helping me get as far as I have in just 3 1/2 months.  Praying that he continue to protect my daughter while I'm away from her and to help me be the best mom I can be for her.  Next thing I know we are turning back onto my street and stopping in my drive way.  How I finished that 2nd mile at the pace we went I have no clue.  We were finished at 5:24....so 2 miles in 21 minutes.  That's 10.5 minutes/mile.  That is the fastest that I think I've ever run that.  Pretty cool.  Not bad at all considering how humid it was that early in the morning. 

Kristina left and I went inside and grabbed a protein bar and some water and sat on the floor watching the news and stretching. 

Look at those muscles!  I am "blessed" with massive calves from my mom's side of the family and they are becoming more and more defined the more I run. 

Even though it wasn't fun getting up that early this morning, I enjoyed being up by myself with just Toby for an hour before Miss H woke up.  Gave me some quiet time before the craziness of the day starts, and this day is definitely going to be crazy.  Miss H's fall soccer starts tonight from 6-7pm and I also have a meeting from 7-9pm. 

Here's to starting off Monday and the week strong! 


PS...I forgot to weigh myself this morning before I left for my run.  Was bummed because I was curious what I had lost over the weekend but I couldn't tell.  Hopefully I remember tomorrow!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Running Recap

This weekend Miss H was with her dad so it is the weekend that I take full advantage of my time being more available to run.  The weekend started out Friday night running with my BFF, Kristina. 
Here's a picture of Kristina
We ran around my neighborhood this time instead of the park.  This coming week, since the boy friend will be staying at my place all week to get Miss H to and from Vacation Bible School, I'll be able to run in the morning, so we wanted to kind of figure out our path before hand.  The run was good, suffered with side ache pains and I have no idea why.  Very annoying. 

Before our Friday night run
Saturday morning we got up and ran at 6:30am....well more like 6:45am since Kristina ended up being my wake up call since I slept through my alarm.  Nice one Sarah!  It was chilly out and dare I say COLD?!?!  In the 60s, perfect running weather.  Felt amazing, took me 1.5 miles before I actually warmed up and after that I was so thankful I only had on shorts and tshirt because otherwise I would have been hot!  Kristina left and I still felt like I could run more so I grabbed Toby and we went for a mile run together.  I've never ran with him so it was interesting but felt great.  He did pretty good! 

Grabbed my weekly and only time I let myself have Starbucks is on Saturday mornings. 

The rest of the day on Saturday my feet were killing me.  It was probably a combination of me running 3 miles and being on my feet the rest of the morning cleaning, laundry and making food for an open house I had to prepare for on Sunday.  Come 2pm I could barely stand let along walk.  So we did a lot of this the rest of the afternoon...

and some of this. 

snackin' and relaxin'
Then today (Sunday), I ran with my sister, Tracy aka Trace. 

Meet her and my adorable nephew....old picture from this past holiday season. 
We didn't leave to run until 8:30am and it was HOT out.  First we started out running with our backs to the sun and then turned around and faced the sun on the last mile.  I made the mistake of wearing the black tee that I had on above from my Friday night run (dont' worry I washed it!) and I was miserable!  I can't remember the last time I was that miserable during a run.  Painful and hot.  I wanted to quit so badly and if it weren't for my sister there I probably would have.  There were times I just had to close my eyes and run just to not focus on how much further we had to go.  Thankfully I didn't run into any parked cars!  I made it and learned a lesson to get up earlier to run or wear lighter colored clothes! 

Afterwards I got ready for my open house.  I sell Premier Designs jewelry, have been for 5 years and it was a day to celebrate those 5 years with some of my past customers/hostesses.  I spoiled them with some amazing goodies and everyone said they were great.  I was pretty good about them too because they were not exactly the healthiest of things...but oh well...its ok to "be bad" every once in a while. 


the bling!

Best part of today was having people see me who haven't seen me in a year and for them to instantly be able to notice that I've lost weight.  They were shocked!!!  Such a good feeling for people to actually be able to notice a change and it not just be me as the one who notices a change. 

Overall this weekend I ran 7 miles and I ate pretty good for the most part.  Didn't over due it on anything but I definitely didn't drink as much water as I would have liked or ate every 2 hours like I do during the week.  It is so hard for me to stay on track on the weekends.  Not with just eating healthy but remembering to eat like I do through the week when I'm busy doing so much more than just sitting at a desk working. 

Hopefully we have a good weigh-in this week! 
Wish me luck to getting up at 4:45am to run at 5am with Kristina!  UGH!  Why did I say I would do that.....that's nuts!  But hopefully it pays off and I get down to where I want to be before vacation! 

Hope you had a productive weekend like I did!!!  Hopefully it pays off!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Progress picture

Start to now!! 

Retraining myself

One of the things that I've learned so far in the past 3 1/2 months is how to retrain myself with food and how everything REALLY is ok........in moderation. 

I think that's one of the reasons I've been able to keep going so long on my new "diet" is because....well....because I'm not on a diet.  I literally eat anything I want but ..... in moderation. 

Do I ever eat bad....oh yes I do!  But I don't do it for an entire day (ok maybe there was that one day where nothing but chocolate sounded good) but for the most part if I know I'm going to be "bad" in one part of my day I will be good for the rest of the day. 

For example....yesterday the boyfriend was going to be making dinner, and he's awesome at it.  Just one of the amazing benefits of keeping him around....he cooks!  Side note....he also cleans up while he's cooking!!! 

Do you hear that???  Listen.   That's angels singing from the heavens....A-mazing! 

Anyways, Tony also tries to cook a healthy meal for us, and I so appreciate him trying to do this.  So last night he grilled chicken breasts on the grill...and then this is where it gets crazy sweet corn AND mashed potatoes (yes too starches...shame on us!  ha!) but the boy loves him some taters.  However, I rarely make mashed potatoes, Miss H doesn't like them and well I could eat a whole pan of them, not a good combo.  So once in a while it's ok to indulge. 

HOWEVER, here's where things get different....I took smaller portions of everything.  Instead of taking a huge spoon full of potatoes I just took a normal sized portion and half of a chicken breast and one thing of sweet corn.  And it stopped there.  And I was satisfied.  Not still hungry, not feeling like I'm starving...but satisfied.  I may have had just a few more small spoon fulls of the mashed potatoes because they were so good but I wasn't stuffed! 

I no longer leave lunch/dinner/breakfast feeling stuffed like I need to go lay down.  And that is honestly, how I always used to feel after I ate.  It is truly amazing me how much I need to eat to feel satisfied and not stuffed.  Last night after we finished and I started cleaning up the table, I kind of checked in with my body and realized how good I felt after eating a heavier than normal meal...and I felt good!  I was proud of myself for being good and not over doing it. 

So if you are reading this and trying to lose weight...watch your portions....you will not only feel better and more satisfied by eating the right portions but it'll also teach you how to feed yourself and you'll lose weight as well!  Also what I did yesterday since I knew what kind of dinner we were going to have and I knew I wouldn't be able to say no to anything, I made sure I was really good yesterday so I wouldn't feel guilty about my dinner. 

I can't tell you how good it feels to not feel stuffed all the time anymore!  Even to be able to enjoy a few "bad" things every now and then and it not kill my weight loss.  Makes it so much easier knowing I can do that every now and then! 

Weekend goals...run every day.  I've been a major slacker this week with my running and with Miss H gone at her dad's I need to make up for it.  Hopefully I can run with someone a few times but I also want to try to get a good long run in by myself. 

Also would like to scale to drop 3lbs this week!  Gotta be really good this weekend!!! 

Only 1 week and we leave for vacation....I can do it...I can do it...I CAN DO IT!!!

Happy Friday!!!! 
Just for comparison...this was taken on March 22, 2012.  Look how different my face looks!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Playing dress up....don't push my buttons!

We had a chill evening for the most part last night.  After dinner we ran to GoodWill to try to hunt down some new soccer cleats for Miss H for soccer starting next week.  And we got lucky and they happened to have her size in the only pair they had!  SCORE!!!!!!  And the best part...they were $2.12!!!

Got home and Miss H went into her room to rock out.  I've let her borrow my CD player for a while and she's living it up.  Dancing in her room like a true little girl. 

I found myself again at 6:30pm sitting on the couch trying to think of a way I could get Miss H out of the hosue for a run....and then it started to rain.  Oh bummer I thought.  Darn I can't go run!  (note sarcsm here)

And then I remembered my post on here from yesterday and I said NO!  I've got to do something!  Vacation is a little over a week away I've got to do something! 

So I dug out my old Tae Bo DVD.  I can't stand the dude that runs these...you know who I'm talking about.  There is no way he is THAT ripped and toned just by some "simple" tae bo.  Work out DVDs make me mad sometimes just because you know that person doesn't JUST do their step arebobics, or tae bo work out but that's the impression they give you.  lol  Anyways......

I started to do the Tae bo....and felt good.  Actually was surprised I could keep up and didn't feel "tired" like I did earlier this winter when I tried to do this workout.  That was a good feeling to see another way how I'm getting back into shape.  Not so sure how graceful I looked since Miss H asked if I was doing the chicken dance at one point.   Thanks Kid! 

During my work out though...2 things happened.  1 cute and 1 annoying. 

Cute one:

She is always dressing up!  If she doesn't end up in plays in school I will be shocked! 
Sorry the picture is blurry...I took it while I was still punching the air to my tae bo DVD.  Yes I rock at multitasking! 

Annoying thing that happened....a sales man came. 

I have a real problem when people come to my door that I don't know and keep knocking because they think I'm home or they can even hear me.  SERIOUSLY....if I don't answer after the first knock and I'll even give you the 2nd knock for just making sure I heard you.....but after 4 times of ringing my door bell and knocking...you have just PISSED.....ME.....OFF!!!

I've had issues over the years of people randoming coming to my house at odd hours and with being a single parent I've just quit answering my doors.  I've had too many freaks come up to my door and I'm done with it.  Well last night while I'm working out and this guy won't get the hint that I'm not answering my door I opened the door so fast to him I scared the crap out of him I think. 

First words out of his mouth...."Did I catch you at a bad time?"

Me "Ugh yeah...after the 2nd knock I would have thought you would have gotten the message that I don't want to answer my door" 

Sales man "Oh I'm sorry"  (me thinking no your not!)  and he proceeds to ask me if I have a few minutes. 

Me "No I don't, I'm working out right now and I didn't answer my door the first 2 times let alone the 3rd or 4th time for a reason....take me off your list and leave." 

Was I rude...yes...but I can't stand door to door salesmen.  I get that they have to for their job but be polite about it!   It takes a lot for me to get to the point of being that straight forward with someone but seriously....4 freaking times of ringing my doorbell????  Get the freaking hint and LEAVE!!!!!!!   My sister was robbed by people who initially knocked on her front door so I'm very leary of anyone coming to my door I haven't invited over. 

So after this annoying dude ticked me off it gave me more motivation to punch and kick the air with tae bo.  Miss H even caught me in action....

Don't mess with Mama Sarah!
It must have worked because this morning I was down 1lb!! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Being lazy

So last night while Miss H and the neighbor girl were playing together in her room rockin' out to Beiber (yes my 6 year old knows who he is...how I have yet to find out)....and I was laying on the couch being lazy watching Real Housewives of something....

I realized how I've kind of gotten lazy with my working out.  Yes I am running 3-5 times a week depending on if I have Miss H for the weekend or if the boyfriend is off during the week at all...but still....now if I can't run I don't do anything. 

Shake your head at me like I am right now.  Shame Shame Sarah! 

Three months ago, even 2 months ago...I would try to walk every single night of the week if I could get Miss H to cooperate.  And then I started running and needed a rest day inbetween my runs....which I still need. 

However...WHEN did rest = put your butt on the couch and be lazy?!? 

That is going to change...tonight! 

This morning as I was trying to get dressed for work I wanted to wear something more exciting.  Most of my clothes doesn't fit me quite right and so it doesn't seem too exciting.  And with it being so stinkin' hot out lately, I can't add a fun scarf to something to make it fun....well I guess I could but I'd be nuts to! 

So this morning I tried on one of the tops that used to not fit me.  Too tight in the arms and was just tight all over.  Not pretty at all.

Well this morning it fit a lot better and I threw on a belt with it.  I've never worn a belt like this without throwing a cardigan or a jacket over it...just didn't think it looked very flattering...but this morning, I thought it looked pretty decent and if anything it might actually look nice on me?!?!  You be the judge...yay or ney? 

Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekly Weigh-in!!!

Weight loss last week - 2lbs!!!   Total weight loss  25.9lbs!!!! 

To see that I have FINALLY hit the 25lb mark is amazing!!!  It has seemed like I was never going to get there!! 

Here's some progression pictures.  Every time I post these I get mad...I need to do these with the same outfit on...must.get.more.organized! 

Starting point

15lbs lost

20lbs lost

25lbs lost
15lbs lost

20lbs lost

25lbs lost!

Can you see a difference?  I'm not so sure you can, ha! but I can feel a difference!

Last night while on my run I learned what it's like to be a windshield....

I believe I came home with bugs in my teeth and smashed on my face.  UGH...in Ohio we are going through another heat wave and between the heat and the bugs last night run was the most miserable thing I have experienced in a long time!!!  So wish I could run in the mornings when it's cooler out and not 90s at 8pm! 

YAY for 2 lbs down!!!

Two weeks till vacation...gotta work hard!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

I did what???

Happy Monday! 

Had a decent weekend and something that happened that I was still thinking about on my way to work this morning that I can't quite believe that I actually did it. 

Saturday morning I was getting up to go meet Kristina and her daughter Zoey to run but I got a text from her saying that Zoey was getting sick...big bummer all around!  So I laid back down in bed and wondered if my sister was up yet.  I texted her around 7ish (woke her butt up...haha!) and she said her and the Lukester would run with us when he got his lazy bootie out of bed that morning. 

So around 7:30-7:45am we headed out....me, Miss H, Trace and the Lukester.....and I was not in the mood to run.  I was tired....and wanted to say forget it. 

But we started to get it over with.  We ran around our neighborhood this time and went a different route that I wanted to try.  It's curves around the neighborhood so it's not boring. 

Between the cool weather, the sprinklers going (Miss H loves to ride through them...one thing that makes her keep going is seeing a sprinkler ahead of her...thank you to everyone who spends tons of money to water your grass so I can get a good run in) and my sister....next thing I know we have ran probably 1.5-2miles and I want to go longer.


What did I just ask my sister??  To go longer??? 

We went to the pond down the street from our place and I knew it had to be 2 miles but more than likely way longer than that. 

I was tired when we got done but I felt good.  Had no idea how far we ran but it was awesome. 

Probably the best part of the entire run besides doing it with my daughter, nephew and sister was hearing my sister say she is really proud of me and is amazed at how well I am doing.  *tear* 

After we played in the park we went home and changed shirts real quick (I was stinky) we went to get coffee and drive the distance we ran.....

2.6 MILES!!!!

Yes Saturday morning I ran 2.6miles without stopping and I know I could have went the rest to hit 3 miles! 

That is far!  That is 10 times around the high school track that I ran around in volleyball in high school and about died an early death just trying to run 4 times around it for the mile. 


How have I gotten this far that me, Sarah, the non-runner, can run that far????  WOW!!!!  Just thinking about that puts me in tears....I did that!  I've worked up in 3 months to being able to not only being able to run a mile....but MILES!!! 

You truly are a lot stronger than you realize and I cannot believe, I mean it seriously isn't sinking in, that I can do that!  Wow! 

I am becoming a runner!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A day that forever changed me....

Today, July 15th, is a day that for the past 6 years has always been a day with a black cloud hanging over it. 

Six years ago on this day....I became a victim of domestic violence. 

A member of the statistics. 

A day that left a huge memory in my mind that may have made the biggest difference ever in my life.  The difference between weak and strong, staying or going...

It may be a day where I felt like I was literally watching myself in a movie where you watch a man beat and throw the woman he is supposed to love, the mother of his child around....however I am still here and standing strong and proud for what I did. 

I left and said enough. 

It is a day where I put myself and my daughter first. 

A day where I said my daughter would not be raised in an abusive home like I was. 

The cycle ended with me....

Tonight around the same hour that it happend 6 years ago...I sit here in tears again...for a very different reason. 

I changed my life and my daughter's life by leaving...that sole act is going to make Miss H's life so much better than what my life was like growing up. 

It may be extremely hard to be a single mom and to play both roles of the parent at home....but it's a lot easier than what it would have been like if I stayed. 

I have tears today because I can't believe where I have come in 6 years....

- finished my bachelor's degree while working full-time and taking care of a baby being a single parent
- working 2 jobs for the past 5 years to support us
- Getting through the weekends adjusting to being without my daughter
- making friends again and letting myself be happy as a single mom and not being ashamed of it anymore. 
- Showing my daughter what it's like to set a goal and to work towards reaching it.  Losing the weight that I've gained over the past very stressful 6 years is like erasing it all and really and truly officially starting over fresh.  
- Becoming a runner....and being strong mentally and physically to do something that I always thought and told myself I could never do. 

I did it....I survived and I'm stronger because I stood up for myself and my child. 

This day may have a horrible memory attached to it...but it has a fresh and amazing start also attached and I couldn't be more happy and proud of myself.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Difference a running buddy can make!

Last night while Miss H was at Vacation Bible School (VBS), I had my first opportunity this week to go for a run since Monday night.  And....I was nervous! 

I tried to get a hold of my sister but we kept missing each other to see if we wanted to run together and so I just went out on my own.  My goal was to run 1.5-2 miles.  That's not that far but that's about what I can do right now without having to stop and catch my breathe and then start over again. 

The run went a lot better than I thought it would!  I felt good.  I wasn't really paying attention to my breathing and my legs felt good, little sore but I like that feeling.  Knowing I'm pushing myself harder.  The only different when I run by myself is I only have myself to lean on to push myself to keep going (duh right??) and that's hard for me!  My mind totally starts to kill me and I have to really start focusing on shorter distances. 

"I'll get to that mailbox ahead and if I want to stop at that point I can"...and then I keep going and then I pick a new distance. 

However, since I've started running more with my sister Tracy and my BFF Kristina...they have helped me realize that I CAN go a lot further than what my mind thinks I can.  Plus they push me to keep going.  Just seeing them going keeps my mind focused on them and what they are doing and I just keep moving my arms and legs. 

But the fact last night I ran that far by myself was a prety big accomplishment because just a few weeks ago, I would have thought I couldn't do it!  Last night while I was running I was thinking to myself...look at YOU!  You are doing this!  Who would have ever thouht ME, SARAH?!?! Could run 2 miles without stopping???  Definitely not me!  Let's just say I had a pretty goofy big smile on my face at one point during my run last night.  :o) 

Now that I can do 2 miles....I want to push myself to 2.5miles.  And then 3 miles....and then I'm signing up for my next 5k.  I'm not going to do one until I know for sure I can run it all. 

Even though I'm running to lose weight but I'm also doing it to prove to myself I can do something that was always a huge struggle for me.  I'm feeling amazing!  

26lbs lost!

26lbs lost 
Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting to know....My body

For the past 3 months now since I have started on my weight loss journey I've really started to learn more about my body and what it can or cannot handle. 

- Fatty/Fried/Greasy foods....cause pain in my stomach afterwards now...never did that before! 

- Also realizing how your girly cycle can even effect your body and how really...I can't look at my weight until I've gone through a whole month.

- Increasing my metabolism by eating more often AND exercising allows me to "cheat" every now and then and not drastically effect my weight. 

- Also I sleep a TON better than what I used to now that I work out and eat better.  I could lay in bed for hours and always feel like I needed a nap.  Now if I'm tired (what single parent or any parent in general isn't) taking a 15 minute nap really does recharge me and allow me to move on with my day if I need a nap at all! 

- Even though the scale means a lot to me when I'm trying to lose weight...paying attention to my body and how I feel....are more important!

I've been getting discouraged looking at my weekly loss and it's nothing to be excited about.  The number is going down and that's all that matters!!!  However...when I look at the big picture of things....I've lost 24lbs in 3 months that's 8 lbs a month!!!!  THAT is pretty awesome!!!  And looking at it like that, makes me realize that I'm going at the rate that I should be going at! 

Other good news!  I am only 8lbs away from telling you how much I weigh now and what I was when I first started!! 

And this morning I tried on a vest that I LOVE for work and it fit me better than it ever has!!! 

Now THAT is a good start to any day!!!

Miss H is getting pretty good at using my iphone to take pictures!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I cheated...there I said it!

So last night while Miss H went to Vacation Bible School....the boy and I went out for pizza. 

I didn't think twice about it...

And I had coke....not even diet...don't judge!

Big Ol' pizza!
And you know what.....

the DARN SCALE went down .8lbs this morning???? 

Explain that ONE to me please!!! 

It's awesome...but seriously?  It shouldn't have gone done! 

Lately I've been reallly thinking that maybe I need to up my calorie intake.  It doesn't happen every single time but sometimes when I eat a higher calorie day...the scale will drop and it surprises me. 

I'm gonna try to figure this one out.  Obviously I don't quite get how my body works yet and I think if I do...that'll help with my weight loss that much more. 

So eat pizza....who knows...you might drop some weight!  *eye roll*  Moving on...gonna run 2 miles tonight! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In...huh???

So I weighed myself this morning...REALLY hoping to finally hit the 25lb weight loss...but no...after running 6 miles this weekend and 1.5 miles last night I have lost .8lbs in the last week. 

Yes it's better than nothing and better than gaining anything but still....ALL THAT for not even a pound lost???  *sigh*  oh well...1 small step at a time. 

Total weight loss to date is 23.9lbs. 

Last night to make me feel better I measured myself because I haven't in a while to see if I have lost any inches. 

Here are my starting numbers back from February 15th (when I started to slightly get serious about weight loss)

Arms - 15"
Thighs - 27"
Waist - 46"
Bust - 46.5"
Hips - 50
neck - 15.5" 

As of last night

Arms - 13.5"  -1.5"
Thighs - 24"   -3"
Waist - 41"    -5"
Bust - 42"      -4.5"
Hips - 45"     -5"
Neck - 15"    -.5"

Total inches lost - 19.5 inches!!

Pretty exciting! 

The last time that I measured myself a month ago I lost an 1/2" in my arms, 1 inch in my thighs, 1 inch in my hips and 1/2" in my neck. 

Always nice to see that even though the scale may not be moving like crazy .... obviously what I'm doing is working. 

Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

6 miles in 3 days!

This weekend I had all to myself and so I took advantage of being alone and ran as much as I could. 

Friday night at 8:30pm I went on a run with my sister Tracy.  It's been rediulously hot out lately and so we went as late as we could with still having sunlight out and it was still 100* out!  My sister is one of those REAL runner peeps...you know...ran cross country and track in high school and I think she even ran a half marathon at some point too...show off!  However, I was really excited to be able to run with her.  We did 2 miles and the fact that I could do that with her was an awesome feeling.  Yes I slowed her down (haha!) and she tried to help me with my form (another funny moment...this girl can only do so much with being a McFatty at the moment) but it was fun.  I may or may not have had to run right to my house afterwards to go pee but that's besides the point...I did it and I ran with my Runner of a Sister and plan to do it a lot more!

Saturday morning us crazy kids (my friend Kristina and I) got up at 5:50am to meet at the park to run at 6am.  Let's just say that was rough, I was tired and it was still HOT OUT at 6am!!!

Nice thing about running is, it literally doesn't matter what you look like and so when I woke up late to get to the park I could literally just throw my hair in a pony tail and throw a sports bra on and running tank/shorts and run out the door.  Got to the park and I started stretching, I knew I was gonna be tight with running the night before hand and really wanted to make sure I could get loose before Kristina came. 

Lookin' oh so scary fine Saturday morning while stretching
You know its early when the moon is still out and your up for the day!

Kristina and I ran 2 miles together, I was hurting at the end of it.  My knee and ankle were hurting and it wasn't from soreness it was pain.  We stopped to get some water and stretch out again and decided to walk the last mile just because I didn't want to over due and hurt myself.  I've never ran this much in consecutive days and knew I needed to watch it. 

Did a lot of this Saturday...icing the knee and the shins
Saturday night I took the dog on a walk and it was still again so stinkin' hot, sweating just standing there letting him pee...so gross but it felt good to get out and stretch my legs more. 

Sunday morning I got up around 7am and went to let Toby out and it was amazing!  It was cool out and there was a breeze!!!!  Felt so good out and it got me up and wanting to go for a run.  So I got dressed and stretched and went out for a 2 mile run.  And there were a TON of runners out...and I was apart of that group!!!  It was beautiful out and I really enjoyed it.  Got my 2 miles in and then I took Toby on a good 2 mile walk as well while I ate my breakfast and drank some water. 

so pretty!
runners every where!
Feelin' great!
Went to church after all  of this and then was lazy and then headed to Kristina's house to hang out by the pool. 

Church outfit
kiddie pool!
Also this weekend I cut up a bunch of veggies, really trying to make sure I eat more fresh ones and just have some available for when I am craving my crunch! 

Overall it was a great weekend.  Got a lot of running in and enjoyed some time to myself but I am so glad to have Miss H back from her dads.  Missed that little buggar! 

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Love me some crunch!

Random fact of the day....I am a crunch girl.  Love a good crunch...doesn't matter what it is...I love a good crunch and today I was seriously craving that. 

Full Bag this morning...
Few hours later around lunch time...

They all disappeared! 

Yes I love me some crunch and carrots do the trick just the same as pretzels will.  And this entire bag was around 192 calories...but those are GOOD calories...so who cares! 

When I was pregnant with Hailey I would do this a lot while at work to try to fight against my chocolate cravings....my co-workers would gag and have an endless supply of jokes for how I could destroy a bag of carrots. 

And you know what sucks....for as many carrots as I eat...I wear contacts!   So much for all those carrots I ate as a kid...what a joke! 

Are you a crunch lovin' girl or do you crave something else?  Sweet?  Salty?