Friday, July 6, 2012

I can't handle it anymore...

...Fried food that is. 

It literally puts me in pain an hour after I eat it....ugh!!

Tuesday night I went with Miss H out to dinner and had a wrap and french fries and last I went with my honey buns to BW3s...the boy was craving some wings and I had a grilled chicken sandwhich and their buffalo chips or whatever they call them.  Both nights I was in extreme pain in my stomach from eating the fried food.  I even thought last night that having a healthy sandwhich and just half of my meal being fried wouldn't be so bad but nope...still major stomach pains. 

I also do not have a gallbladder, had to have it removed 8 weeks after I had Hailey in an emergency surgery and I think that might be part of my problem too.  I've never really had issues since having that removed over 6 years ago but now that my body has gotten used to the healthy stuff it's causing almost the same pains I had when I used to get my gallbladder attacks...weird! 

Kind of amazing how once you start eating healthy...your body starts to reject the foods that you used to eat all the time and had no major side effects from it showing how bad it truly is for you! 

Guess I'll have to stick to eating these...

Goals this weekend - Run 1 mile tonight, 3 miles Saturday morning with Kristina and 1 or 2 miles on Sunday for what HOPEFULLY will be a BIG (meaning lower) weigh-in come Monday!! 

Have a great weekend!!!

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