Thursday, July 19, 2012

Playing dress up....don't push my buttons!

We had a chill evening for the most part last night.  After dinner we ran to GoodWill to try to hunt down some new soccer cleats for Miss H for soccer starting next week.  And we got lucky and they happened to have her size in the only pair they had!  SCORE!!!!!!  And the best part...they were $2.12!!!

Got home and Miss H went into her room to rock out.  I've let her borrow my CD player for a while and she's living it up.  Dancing in her room like a true little girl. 

I found myself again at 6:30pm sitting on the couch trying to think of a way I could get Miss H out of the hosue for a run....and then it started to rain.  Oh bummer I thought.  Darn I can't go run!  (note sarcsm here)

And then I remembered my post on here from yesterday and I said NO!  I've got to do something!  Vacation is a little over a week away I've got to do something! 

So I dug out my old Tae Bo DVD.  I can't stand the dude that runs know who I'm talking about.  There is no way he is THAT ripped and toned just by some "simple" tae bo.  Work out DVDs make me mad sometimes just because you know that person doesn't JUST do their step arebobics, or tae bo work out but that's the impression they give you.  lol  Anyways......

I started to do the Tae bo....and felt good.  Actually was surprised I could keep up and didn't feel "tired" like I did earlier this winter when I tried to do this workout.  That was a good feeling to see another way how I'm getting back into shape.  Not so sure how graceful I looked since Miss H asked if I was doing the chicken dance at one point.   Thanks Kid! 

During my work out though...2 things happened.  1 cute and 1 annoying. 

Cute one:

She is always dressing up!  If she doesn't end up in plays in school I will be shocked! 
Sorry the picture is blurry...I took it while I was still punching the air to my tae bo DVD.  Yes I rock at multitasking! 

Annoying thing that happened....a sales man came. 

I have a real problem when people come to my door that I don't know and keep knocking because they think I'm home or they can even hear me.  SERIOUSLY....if I don't answer after the first knock and I'll even give you the 2nd knock for just making sure I heard you.....but after 4 times of ringing my door bell and have just PISSED.....ME.....OFF!!!

I've had issues over the years of people randoming coming to my house at odd hours and with being a single parent I've just quit answering my doors.  I've had too many freaks come up to my door and I'm done with it.  Well last night while I'm working out and this guy won't get the hint that I'm not answering my door I opened the door so fast to him I scared the crap out of him I think. 

First words out of his mouth...."Did I catch you at a bad time?"

Me "Ugh yeah...after the 2nd knock I would have thought you would have gotten the message that I don't want to answer my door" 

Sales man "Oh I'm sorry"  (me thinking no your not!)  and he proceeds to ask me if I have a few minutes. 

Me "No I don't, I'm working out right now and I didn't answer my door the first 2 times let alone the 3rd or 4th time for a reason....take me off your list and leave." 

Was I rude...yes...but I can't stand door to door salesmen.  I get that they have to for their job but be polite about it!   It takes a lot for me to get to the point of being that straight forward with someone but seriously....4 freaking times of ringing my doorbell????  Get the freaking hint and LEAVE!!!!!!!   My sister was robbed by people who initially knocked on her front door so I'm very leary of anyone coming to my door I haven't invited over. 

So after this annoying dude ticked me off it gave me more motivation to punch and kick the air with tae bo.  Miss H even caught me in action....

Don't mess with Mama Sarah!
It must have worked because this morning I was down 1lb!! 

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