Monday, July 9, 2012

6 miles in 3 days!

This weekend I had all to myself and so I took advantage of being alone and ran as much as I could. 

Friday night at 8:30pm I went on a run with my sister Tracy.  It's been rediulously hot out lately and so we went as late as we could with still having sunlight out and it was still 100* out!  My sister is one of those REAL runner know...ran cross country and track in high school and I think she even ran a half marathon at some point off!  However, I was really excited to be able to run with her.  We did 2 miles and the fact that I could do that with her was an awesome feeling.  Yes I slowed her down (haha!) and she tried to help me with my form (another funny moment...this girl can only do so much with being a McFatty at the moment) but it was fun.  I may or may not have had to run right to my house afterwards to go pee but that's besides the point...I did it and I ran with my Runner of a Sister and plan to do it a lot more!

Saturday morning us crazy kids (my friend Kristina and I) got up at 5:50am to meet at the park to run at 6am.  Let's just say that was rough, I was tired and it was still HOT OUT at 6am!!!

Nice thing about running is, it literally doesn't matter what you look like and so when I woke up late to get to the park I could literally just throw my hair in a pony tail and throw a sports bra on and running tank/shorts and run out the door.  Got to the park and I started stretching, I knew I was gonna be tight with running the night before hand and really wanted to make sure I could get loose before Kristina came. 

Lookin' oh so scary fine Saturday morning while stretching
You know its early when the moon is still out and your up for the day!

Kristina and I ran 2 miles together, I was hurting at the end of it.  My knee and ankle were hurting and it wasn't from soreness it was pain.  We stopped to get some water and stretch out again and decided to walk the last mile just because I didn't want to over due and hurt myself.  I've never ran this much in consecutive days and knew I needed to watch it. 

Did a lot of this Saturday...icing the knee and the shins
Saturday night I took the dog on a walk and it was still again so stinkin' hot, sweating just standing there letting him gross but it felt good to get out and stretch my legs more. 

Sunday morning I got up around 7am and went to let Toby out and it was amazing!  It was cool out and there was a breeze!!!!  Felt so good out and it got me up and wanting to go for a run.  So I got dressed and stretched and went out for a 2 mile run.  And there were a TON of runners out...and I was apart of that group!!!  It was beautiful out and I really enjoyed it.  Got my 2 miles in and then I took Toby on a good 2 mile walk as well while I ate my breakfast and drank some water. 

so pretty!
runners every where!
Feelin' great!
Went to church after all  of this and then was lazy and then headed to Kristina's house to hang out by the pool. 

Church outfit
kiddie pool!
Also this weekend I cut up a bunch of veggies, really trying to make sure I eat more fresh ones and just have some available for when I am craving my crunch! 

Overall it was a great weekend.  Got a lot of running in and enjoyed some time to myself but I am so glad to have Miss H back from her dads.  Missed that little buggar! 

Happy Monday!

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