Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In...huh???

So I weighed myself this morning...REALLY hoping to finally hit the 25lb weight loss...but no...after running 6 miles this weekend and 1.5 miles last night I have lost .8lbs in the last week. 

Yes it's better than nothing and better than gaining anything but still....ALL THAT for not even a pound lost???  *sigh*  oh well...1 small step at a time. 

Total weight loss to date is 23.9lbs. 

Last night to make me feel better I measured myself because I haven't in a while to see if I have lost any inches. 

Here are my starting numbers back from February 15th (when I started to slightly get serious about weight loss)

Arms - 15"
Thighs - 27"
Waist - 46"
Bust - 46.5"
Hips - 50
neck - 15.5" 

As of last night

Arms - 13.5"  -1.5"
Thighs - 24"   -3"
Waist - 41"    -5"
Bust - 42"      -4.5"
Hips - 45"     -5"
Neck - 15"    -.5"

Total inches lost - 19.5 inches!!

Pretty exciting! 

The last time that I measured myself a month ago I lost an 1/2" in my arms, 1 inch in my thighs, 1 inch in my hips and 1/2" in my neck. 

Always nice to see that even though the scale may not be moving like crazy .... obviously what I'm doing is working. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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