Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'll show you Mr Scale!

Last night was the final day of my open house...and you know what I did???

Ate 3, THREE!!!, chocolate chip cookies.  THERE!  Take that Mr Scale!  And no I don't feel bad about it.  It's whatever! 

I have a feeling these next 8lbs are going to be really hard for me to lose and I'm just not even wanting to focus on it.  I'm scared to death what vacation is going to do to me and I just can't even focus on it.  We plan to not really go out to eat any evening and to just eat what we purchase at the store.  So I will have the ability to eat healthy....I'm just afraid that my body will know I'm on vacation and think that means to instantly gain 5lbs.  Let's hope not! 

This morning I got up at 4:45am and ran at 5am with my sister.  It was nice and cool out this morning and I was so greatful for that.  The cooler mornings are making me excited for what it'll be like to run in the fall, I'm sure that's got to feel amazing. 

We ran somewhere between 2.5-3 miles and I felt pretty good.  Ran for a total of 30 minutes straight!!!  When we hit the 2 mile mark and I was still going I was really proud of myself.  I couldn't believe how good my legs felt.  I was tired but still felt good.  Seriously so amazing that ME, Sarah, can do that!!!  WOW!!!  I was kind of mad at myself though for not asking my sister to push me to go further because I know I could have done it. 

I'm tired of running 2 miles and it's time to move up to 3! 


Funny side note.....I work for a really small non-profit company, like 20 of us total.  Well NO ONE at work has mentioned anything about me looking nice or losing weight or anything.  But instead....they are mentioning it in other ways.  Like my boss has started talking about how she's lost a pound here or there or asked about where I got my water cup because she should be drinking more water too.  Or others will just mention losing weight to me about themselves but never directly say it about me.  ha!  I just find it funny.  They obviously can tell something is different but aren't sure if they should say something.  The first person that does say something to me just might get a big hug though!

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