Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekly Weigh-in!!!

Weight loss last week - 2lbs!!!   Total weight loss  25.9lbs!!!! 

To see that I have FINALLY hit the 25lb mark is amazing!!!  It has seemed like I was never going to get there!! 

Here's some progression pictures.  Every time I post these I get mad...I need to do these with the same outfit on...must.get.more.organized! 

Starting point

15lbs lost

20lbs lost

25lbs lost
15lbs lost

20lbs lost

25lbs lost!

Can you see a difference?  I'm not so sure you can, ha! but I can feel a difference!

Last night while on my run I learned what it's like to be a windshield....

I believe I came home with bugs in my teeth and smashed on my face.  UGH...in Ohio we are going through another heat wave and between the heat and the bugs last night run was the most miserable thing I have experienced in a long time!!!  So wish I could run in the mornings when it's cooler out and not 90s at 8pm! 

YAY for 2 lbs down!!!

Two weeks till vacation...gotta work hard!!!

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