Friday, July 13, 2012

Difference a running buddy can make!

Last night while Miss H was at Vacation Bible School (VBS), I had my first opportunity this week to go for a run since Monday night.  And....I was nervous! 

I tried to get a hold of my sister but we kept missing each other to see if we wanted to run together and so I just went out on my own.  My goal was to run 1.5-2 miles.  That's not that far but that's about what I can do right now without having to stop and catch my breathe and then start over again. 

The run went a lot better than I thought it would!  I felt good.  I wasn't really paying attention to my breathing and my legs felt good, little sore but I like that feeling.  Knowing I'm pushing myself harder.  The only different when I run by myself is I only have myself to lean on to push myself to keep going (duh right??) and that's hard for me!  My mind totally starts to kill me and I have to really start focusing on shorter distances. 

"I'll get to that mailbox ahead and if I want to stop at that point I can"...and then I keep going and then I pick a new distance. 

However, since I've started running more with my sister Tracy and my BFF Kristina...they have helped me realize that I CAN go a lot further than what my mind thinks I can.  Plus they push me to keep going.  Just seeing them going keeps my mind focused on them and what they are doing and I just keep moving my arms and legs. 

But the fact last night I ran that far by myself was a prety big accomplishment because just a few weeks ago, I would have thought I couldn't do it!  Last night while I was running I was thinking to myself...look at YOU!  You are doing this!  Who would have ever thouht ME, SARAH?!?! Could run 2 miles without stopping???  Definitely not me!  Let's just say I had a pretty goofy big smile on my face at one point during my run last night.  :o) 

Now that I can do 2 miles....I want to push myself to 2.5miles.  And then 3 miles....and then I'm signing up for my next 5k.  I'm not going to do one until I know for sure I can run it all. 

Even though I'm running to lose weight but I'm also doing it to prove to myself I can do something that was always a huge struggle for me.  I'm feeling amazing!  

26lbs lost!

26lbs lost 
Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. 26lbs lost is AMAZING! You must be so proud of yourself! It sounds like you have the drive as a runner and in no time will run the farther distance. You look great!
    I found your blog on Baby Center :)


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