Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Running Recap

This weekend Miss H was with her dad so it is the weekend that I take full advantage of my time being more available to run.  The weekend started out Friday night running with my BFF, Kristina. 
Here's a picture of Kristina
We ran around my neighborhood this time instead of the park.  This coming week, since the boy friend will be staying at my place all week to get Miss H to and from Vacation Bible School, I'll be able to run in the morning, so we wanted to kind of figure out our path before hand.  The run was good, suffered with side ache pains and I have no idea why.  Very annoying. 

Before our Friday night run
Saturday morning we got up and ran at 6:30am....well more like 6:45am since Kristina ended up being my wake up call since I slept through my alarm.  Nice one Sarah!  It was chilly out and dare I say COLD?!?!  In the 60s, perfect running weather.  Felt amazing, took me 1.5 miles before I actually warmed up and after that I was so thankful I only had on shorts and tshirt because otherwise I would have been hot!  Kristina left and I still felt like I could run more so I grabbed Toby and we went for a mile run together.  I've never ran with him so it was interesting but felt great.  He did pretty good! 

Grabbed my weekly and only time I let myself have Starbucks is on Saturday mornings. 

The rest of the day on Saturday my feet were killing me.  It was probably a combination of me running 3 miles and being on my feet the rest of the morning cleaning, laundry and making food for an open house I had to prepare for on Sunday.  Come 2pm I could barely stand let along walk.  So we did a lot of this the rest of the afternoon...

and some of this. 

snackin' and relaxin'
Then today (Sunday), I ran with my sister, Tracy aka Trace. 

Meet her and my adorable nephew....old picture from this past holiday season. 
We didn't leave to run until 8:30am and it was HOT out.  First we started out running with our backs to the sun and then turned around and faced the sun on the last mile.  I made the mistake of wearing the black tee that I had on above from my Friday night run (dont' worry I washed it!) and I was miserable!  I can't remember the last time I was that miserable during a run.  Painful and hot.  I wanted to quit so badly and if it weren't for my sister there I probably would have.  There were times I just had to close my eyes and run just to not focus on how much further we had to go.  Thankfully I didn't run into any parked cars!  I made it and learned a lesson to get up earlier to run or wear lighter colored clothes! 

Afterwards I got ready for my open house.  I sell Premier Designs jewelry, have been for 5 years and it was a day to celebrate those 5 years with some of my past customers/hostesses.  I spoiled them with some amazing goodies and everyone said they were great.  I was pretty good about them too because they were not exactly the healthiest of things...but oh well...its ok to "be bad" every once in a while. 


the bling!

Best part of today was having people see me who haven't seen me in a year and for them to instantly be able to notice that I've lost weight.  They were shocked!!!  Such a good feeling for people to actually be able to notice a change and it not just be me as the one who notices a change. 

Overall this weekend I ran 7 miles and I ate pretty good for the most part.  Didn't over due it on anything but I definitely didn't drink as much water as I would have liked or ate every 2 hours like I do during the week.  It is so hard for me to stay on track on the weekends.  Not with just eating healthy but remembering to eat like I do through the week when I'm busy doing so much more than just sitting at a desk working. 

Hopefully we have a good weigh-in this week! 
Wish me luck to getting up at 4:45am to run at 5am with Kristina!  UGH!  Why did I say I would do that.....that's nuts!  But hopefully it pays off and I get down to where I want to be before vacation! 

Hope you had a productive weekend like I did!!!  Hopefully it pays off!


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