Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I cheated...there I said it!

So last night while Miss H went to Vacation Bible School....the boy and I went out for pizza. 

I didn't think twice about it...

And I had coke....not even diet...don't judge!

Big Ol' pizza!
And you know what.....

the DARN SCALE went down .8lbs this morning???? 

Explain that ONE to me please!!! 

It's awesome...but seriously?  It shouldn't have gone done! 

Lately I've been reallly thinking that maybe I need to up my calorie intake.  It doesn't happen every single time but sometimes when I eat a higher calorie day...the scale will drop and it surprises me. 

I'm gonna try to figure this one out.  Obviously I don't quite get how my body works yet and I think if I do...that'll help with my weight loss that much more. 

So eat pizza....who might drop some weight!  *eye roll*  Moving on...gonna run 2 miles tonight! 

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