Friday, July 6, 2012

Love me some crunch!

Random fact of the day....I am a crunch girl.  Love a good crunch...doesn't matter what it is...I love a good crunch and today I was seriously craving that. 

Full Bag this morning...
Few hours later around lunch time...

They all disappeared! 

Yes I love me some crunch and carrots do the trick just the same as pretzels will.  And this entire bag was around 192 calories...but those are GOOD who cares! 

When I was pregnant with Hailey I would do this a lot while at work to try to fight against my chocolate co-workers would gag and have an endless supply of jokes for how I could destroy a bag of carrots. 

And you know what sucks....for as many carrots as I eat...I wear contacts!   So much for all those carrots I ate as a kid...what a joke! 

Are you a crunch lovin' girl or do you crave something else?  Sweet?  Salty? 

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