Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting to know....My body

For the past 3 months now since I have started on my weight loss journey I've really started to learn more about my body and what it can or cannot handle. 

- Fatty/Fried/Greasy foods....cause pain in my stomach afterwards now...never did that before! 

- Also realizing how your girly cycle can even effect your body and how really...I can't look at my weight until I've gone through a whole month.

- Increasing my metabolism by eating more often AND exercising allows me to "cheat" every now and then and not drastically effect my weight. 

- Also I sleep a TON better than what I used to now that I work out and eat better.  I could lay in bed for hours and always feel like I needed a nap.  Now if I'm tired (what single parent or any parent in general isn't) taking a 15 minute nap really does recharge me and allow me to move on with my day if I need a nap at all! 

- Even though the scale means a lot to me when I'm trying to lose weight...paying attention to my body and how I feel....are more important!

I've been getting discouraged looking at my weekly loss and it's nothing to be excited about.  The number is going down and that's all that matters!!!  However...when I look at the big picture of things....I've lost 24lbs in 3 months that's 8 lbs a month!!!!  THAT is pretty awesome!!!  And looking at it like that, makes me realize that I'm going at the rate that I should be going at! 

Other good news!  I am only 8lbs away from telling you how much I weigh now and what I was when I first started!! 

And this morning I tried on a vest that I LOVE for work and it fit me better than it ever has!!! 

Now THAT is a good start to any day!!!

Miss H is getting pretty good at using my iphone to take pictures!!!

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