Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Being lazy

So last night while Miss H and the neighbor girl were playing together in her room rockin' out to Beiber (yes my 6 year old knows who he I have yet to find out)....and I was laying on the couch being lazy watching Real Housewives of something....

I realized how I've kind of gotten lazy with my working out.  Yes I am running 3-5 times a week depending on if I have Miss H for the weekend or if the boyfriend is off during the week at all...but if I can't run I don't do anything. 

Shake your head at me like I am right now.  Shame Shame Sarah! 

Three months ago, even 2 months ago...I would try to walk every single night of the week if I could get Miss H to cooperate.  And then I started running and needed a rest day inbetween my runs....which I still need. 

However...WHEN did rest = put your butt on the couch and be lazy?!? 

That is going to change...tonight! 

This morning as I was trying to get dressed for work I wanted to wear something more exciting.  Most of my clothes doesn't fit me quite right and so it doesn't seem too exciting.  And with it being so stinkin' hot out lately, I can't add a fun scarf to something to make it fun....well I guess I could but I'd be nuts to! 

So this morning I tried on one of the tops that used to not fit me.  Too tight in the arms and was just tight all over.  Not pretty at all.

Well this morning it fit a lot better and I threw on a belt with it.  I've never worn a belt like this without throwing a cardigan or a jacket over it...just didn't think it looked very flattering...but this morning, I thought it looked pretty decent and if anything it might actually look nice on me?!?!  You be the judge...yay or ney? 

Have a fabulous day!

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