Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dead Tired!

I am dragging butt this morning.  No other way to say! 

Got up at 4:45am this morning to run with Kristina.  Went to her house to run and ran around downtown for the first time.  It was a different change in scenery and kind of cool to be running down there. 

However, scenery was not my only difference...running with Kristina is MUCH different than running with my sister. 

Running with Tracy, my sister, is really nice.  She kind of lets me set the pace and keeps it light hearted.  I'm able to find my groove doing this and am able to go longer.  Running with Tracy I have hit my longest distances with.  When I'm getting tired she seems to just know to stay just a little ahead of me.  This really helps me to keep going.  Seeing her run makes me keep going. 

Kristina, however, she pushes me!  Good lord all mighty do I run fast when with her.  After one mile with her I seriously start questioning how in the hell I am going to be able to get the last mile done.  Typically we start out side by side and then I slowly fall  behind Kristina and follow her the whole way.  Again I like this because it keeps me going.  When running with Kristina in the morning we are on a time crunch because we gotta be back by a certain time or she will be running late and so Kristina definitely pushes us to make sure we get our 2 miles in.  HA!  I am DEAD tired when I am done running with Kristina. 

I love running with both of these girls, both very different experiences and both good for me.  Just funny how different each experience can be. 

Remind me why I am getting up at 5am to run?? 

Something new I've tried.  Luna bars are specially made just for women, at least that's what it say on their packaging.  They are pretty good and filling. 


  1. I LOVE Luna bars. The raspberry chocolate one is positively divine!

  2. mmm that sounds good! I'll have to try that one!


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