Monday, July 16, 2012

I did what???

Happy Monday! 

Had a decent weekend and something that happened that I was still thinking about on my way to work this morning that I can't quite believe that I actually did it. 

Saturday morning I was getting up to go meet Kristina and her daughter Zoey to run but I got a text from her saying that Zoey was getting sick...big bummer all around!  So I laid back down in bed and wondered if my sister was up yet.  I texted her around 7ish (woke her butt up...haha!) and she said her and the Lukester would run with us when he got his lazy bootie out of bed that morning. 

So around 7:30-7:45am we headed, Miss H, Trace and the Lukester.....and I was not in the mood to run.  I was tired....and wanted to say forget it. 

But we started to get it over with.  We ran around our neighborhood this time and went a different route that I wanted to try.  It's curves around the neighborhood so it's not boring. 

Between the cool weather, the sprinklers going (Miss H loves to ride through thing that makes her keep going is seeing a sprinkler ahead of her...thank you to everyone who spends tons of money to water your grass so I can get a good run in) and my thing I know we have ran probably 1.5-2miles and I want to go longer.


What did I just ask my sister??  To go longer??? 

We went to the pond down the street from our place and I knew it had to be 2 miles but more than likely way longer than that. 

I was tired when we got done but I felt good.  Had no idea how far we ran but it was awesome. 

Probably the best part of the entire run besides doing it with my daughter, nephew and sister was hearing my sister say she is really proud of me and is amazed at how well I am doing.  *tear* 

After we played in the park we went home and changed shirts real quick (I was stinky) we went to get coffee and drive the distance we ran.....

2.6 MILES!!!!

Yes Saturday morning I ran 2.6miles without stopping and I know I could have went the rest to hit 3 miles! 

That is far!  That is 10 times around the high school track that I ran around in volleyball in high school and about died an early death just trying to run 4 times around it for the mile. 


How have I gotten this far that me, Sarah, the non-runner, can run that far????  WOW!!!!  Just thinking about that puts me in tears....I did that!  I've worked up in 3 months to being able to not only being able to run a mile....but MILES!!! 

You truly are a lot stronger than you realize and I cannot believe, I mean it seriously isn't sinking in, that I can do that!  Wow! 

I am becoming a runner!!!!!


  1. This is so stinking awesome! What an accomplishment. It's so hard to get past that "A mile? Ugh, I think I'd rather die!" stage, and you worked through it and are running, like you said, MILES. So fantastic!


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