Thursday, September 6, 2012

Never realized how easy I had it

Last night was the first night I didn't have this little stinker

Yes he was fascinated with Toby's dog bed the entire time he was with me.
His parents don't know it but that's what he is getting for Christmas.  
And oh my gosh was my night so much easier!!!  To you single moms who have more than one child...WOW...I bow to you!!!  Holy craziness is all I can say.  Getting dinner made let alone Miss H's homework was a chore every single night I had that little monster.  Even though I love him and just want to squeeze him until his eyes pop out...he can stay with his parents, I am totally ok with being able to send him home.  :) 

Last night I don't think I have enjoyed Miss H that much in a very long time.  Our night was perfect.  We had dinner and then we organized her books and we sat on the floor in her room on her bean bag and she read two books to me.  It was absolutely perfect.  AHHHHH  Even relaxing! 

This year I have really been trying to be more of an involved parent and it's not to say I haven't been before now.  I've always been involved in Miss H's daycare, school, putting her in activities etc etc but it was kind of like I was so busy with everything going on that I didn't make time to really spend time with her and help her to become a good person.  Does that make sense?  I'm not sure if it does to me even but I know what I'm saying.  Maybe it's that I'm not taking her for granted anymore and am realizing that she is only going to be little for so long and then this time will be gone.  Yeah...that's it!

I think as single parents that is something really hard not to do and I'm sure it's probably hard for even parents who are married.  But I know being a single parent, I am the only one who gets everything done, schedules every activity, gets all homework and reading done that sometimes I have become so focused on getting things scratched off the to do list that I miss enjoying the moment. 

Lately, I feel like I've been trying to really spend more one on one time with her and maybe my working out has helped with that.  This summer we did spend a lot of time together on her bike while I ran.  I don't know how to explain how it's changed but it's definitely been for the good.   Probably the first time in YEARS have I felt like I'm finally living my life and not just watching it go by anymore.  I think a lot of it has to do with Miss H starting school and getting to meet other parents and meet her friends and their parents.  Meeting my neighbors for the first time and having kids in the neighborhood that Miss H can play with!  Love it all!  I'm not just checking things off I'm actually enjoying them as I check them off. 

It has helped that we have definitely got our routine down now with school starting.  This baby helps me a lot. 

My saving grace
I've told you about it before and it's amazing. 

Our nightly routine:

5:10pm - we walk in the door
5:15pm - Miss H is emptying her book bag and we go through her papers while I make dinner.  I also look at my calendar for what needs done for the day/what's coming up the next day and what is the school lunch for the next day so I know if I need to pack Miss H's lunch as well. 
5:30-6pm - We eat dinner
6pm-6:30pm - Do any homework that needs done. Talk about her day etc
6:30pm-7pm - Whatever time: start laundry, she plays for a little bit, I pack lunches for the next day, run errands if we need to, etc.
7pm - if it's nice out we go for a bike ride/run
7:30pm - She's in the shower and I'm laying out her clothes for the next day.
7:45pm - We are reading a book that she picks (we are into these right now), this time and when we are talking about her day at dinner is probably my 2 favorite parts of the day with her. 
8pm - Say prayers and she's in bed. 
8:10pm - She gets up to go potty
8:20pm - She needs water and I threaten to take points out of her reward jar if she gets up again
8:30pm - I change the load of laundry or fold it or pick up around the house and complete whatever stuff I need to do for me. 
8:45pm - I am now doing the 30 Day Shred around this time. 
9:15ish - I'm getting in the shower
9:30pm - I plop myself on the couch and relax before bed

watching Notting Hill last night once everything was done...Love me some Julia Roberts!

That's a night when we don't have anything going on, when there's a soccer game it's crunch time before we leave for soccer at 5:30pm and when we get home at 7:15pm to get everything done.  It all sounds probably crazy but it's all very organized to us it seems and it works. 

I think that's one thing as a single parent that I have mastered is having a schedule down but also something that is flexible if we have stuff that comes up.  I've also learned to always think 3-5 steps ahead so I don't miss anything or prevent anything from going wrong. 

Last night my mom came over to visit and I love it when she does this.  Not just coming to babysit for me while I go to a meeting but just coming to see us and getting to hang out with her (we all still need our mom at some point don't we?).  She let me go for a run while she got Miss H a shower.  I ran for 20 minutes, it sucked.  I just don't understand how running by myself is so much harder than running with someone.  It's really starting to annoy me.  Makes me think my body is playing a major trick on me and I don't know how to get out of it. 

Hate it hate it hate it!!!!!

Got home just in time to say prayers with Miss H and kiss her good night and then hung out with my mom a little more.  She left and I did the 30 day shred.  I had to really talk myself into doing it that night.  I got through it, some parts are definitely becoming easier for me.  I'm kind of bummed I'm not sore in the mornings anymore.  I'm weird I know!  My legs are but that's normal for me.  My abs and arms aren't and it makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong.  Opinions?

5 more days of Level 1 and 25 days left to go! 

Also...just a word to the wise...I battle with wanting something to eat after I work out at night.  It's a big struggle and I normally want something sweet and well that just isn't smart to do when you're trying to lose weight.  But as of lately I've been letting myself have this with a glass of skim milk. 

Sugar Free!  15 cal. for 2 tbsp
Chocolate milk kills my sweet tooth cravings and kind of fills me too and makes me not want anything else for the night.  Perfect if you ask me!!  And it's supposed to help with muscle recovery...maybe THATs why i'm not so sore???

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