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**Fashion Friday** Wardrobe 101: Tops

Wardrobe 101: Tops

This week we are going to talk about the basic tops you should have in your closet.  This is actually an area where you can stay in with the fashion trends but it's not an area where want to break the bank in doing so.  Kind of a weird statement there huh?  It's actually very true though. 

Fashion trends are always changing each season and seriously who wants to go spend 100s of $$$s to keep up with them?  You just can't unless you're a bazzilionaire and well I'm definitely not so I'm just sharing what I do personally. 
Step #1:  Only buy solid colors
Yup...I know for you figured top loving gals its gonna be hard but if you want the most versatile wardrobe you can't invest in a ton of figured tops.  Why?  Because they don't go with everything and they instantly limit your possibilities.  I do personally own a few figured tops but they aren't busy/loud patterns but something I can tone down with a solid color cardigan. 

See how I toned down the pattern in this dress with a solid cardi and belt? 
Step #2:  Buy them cheap and at different necklines. 
Necklines meaning, crew, scoop, boat neck, v-neck, etc etc. 
Speaking of necklines, did you know you should wear a more open neckline to make your face look skinner?  NEVER ever EVER try to repeat the shape of your face in your neckline or your earrings.  That's why you never see me in round hoops, OMG is all I gotta say!  The more neck/chest (no not your boobs!) you show the longer/skinnier your face looks.  Hence why I typically wear a lot of V-neck and Cami's with cardigans and avoid turtle necks because of how it makes my face look. 

Steps #3:  Buy the colors that are in season or fashion for the year

Here are the colors that are in for this fall season.  So don't go buy a ton of new tops in each of these colors.  Buy basic tops that you can put with other basics you already have in  your closet like jackets/cardigans/sweaters.  Like I said in a previous post...NEVER buy anything that you can't put with more than one item in your closet.  I can wear a cami with a cardi, jean jacket, blazer, and use it as a layering piece for under other tops.  Shopping like that will help you slowly build your wardrobe! 

What kind of tops am I talking about? 

Yes I own a ton of these but I wear them a ton and I don't buy them if they are over $15, most I get for less than $10. 
Cami's are a great and simple way to add to outfits and great layering pieces.  Where do I buy my Cami's at? 
Kohls I love these Cami's, light weight, they wash up great and they create a small v-neckline. 

NY & CO  The other kind of Cami I love is the body shape kind from NY&CO, they fit nice, great for under other tops but give you a little more fit.  This top is really cute, it's got some texture with it (see solid colors don't mean boring!), pair with a black cardie or blazer and your trouser jeans and you're lookin' cute!!! 
Those are the two main places I get them from just because they don't break the bank and they wash up great.  And they aren't expensive so if after a year you need to replace them or a new color comes out that's in, it's not breaking the bank to keep up with the trends. 

Another version of Ts to have.  Same thing as the Cami's...just a different neckline.

Lots of colors.  These tops are great for fall when it's not that cold out to wear a winter coat but too cold to wear a sleeveless top anymore.  Pair with a cute scarf and jewelry and you take these simple tops a whole new level! 

Now if your sitting there are sulking because your upset you have to give up your figured tops and think that solid colors are boring...HOLD THE PHONE! 

With accessories

Without accessories
The key to solid colors is it creates a perfect blank canvas for you to start with and change things up.  Today I have on silver and black jewelry from Premier.  However I could add any color I wanted and it would totally change this outfit! 

Don't believe me?  Here's some pictures I took earlier this year...same concept...totally different look. 

Look how different each look is! 
 If you want the most versatile wardrobe possible...don't limit yourself with buying patterns! 

Day 6 of 30 day shred was complete last night and I kicked it's BOOTIE!!  Come Tuesday next week I know I will be ready for Level 2! 

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

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  1. I really am trying hard to be more fashionable!! Lol. Thanks for the post. I'll check in sat to see how it's going. Make it a strong weekend.


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