Monday, September 10, 2012

Always Learning Something New

Ever since I have started to run and workout more it's like when I think I finally know how to get through something or I know what I need to do....I learn something new. 

This weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday I did the 30 day shred every single day and I felt amazing during the workouts. 

I haven't been able to run much lately, the last time I ran was Wednesday night so I really wanted to try to get one in this weekend.  So Saturday night I talked Miss H into going for a bike ride while I ran and then we would rent a movie afterwards.  I didn't know how the run would go since I haven't been running much recently and was kind of nervous how painful it might be but I surprisingly felt amazing! 

My legs felt strong!  I could definitely tell that I had been doing some strength training and wow what a difference that makes!  I've heard lots of people say it makes a difference and I am now a firm believer in it.  I have no idea how far we went and it doesn't really matter to me what the distance was, all I care about is how strong I felt. 

About an hour after I finished I made myself do the 30 Day shred and it was hard but I could tell I was pushing myself in the right direction.  I have now stopped doing the "easier" workouts and have pushed myself to doing the harder ones.  Saturday night even Miss H tried to do the 30DS with me, she may have only last through the jumping jacks but I think it said something to her to see me push through something that is hard. 

Miss H at breakfast Saturday morning

Having a daughter who is a perfectionist already or somehow has this idea that if she can't do something right the first time that she isn't going to do it because she's afraid to be wrong has really motivated me to make sure she sees me struggling through my workouts.  I have no idea where she has gotten this concept for things but it is really upsetting to me to see her be so hard on herself so young.  I struggled with this kind of mentality when I was in the 4th-5th grade but I can't believe she is feeling this already...makes me sad for her and want to show her that sometimes you gotta try hard to get somewhere but you WILL eventually get somewhere.  And this weekend I think she saw some of that. 

She saw me struggling through lifting weights or collapsing on the floor after a minute of bicycle crunches.  I think she was amazed to see that even as an adult not everything comes easy and that we have to work for things that we want.  She often doesn't see me struggling to run while she's ahead of me on her bike.  She doesn't hear my heavy breathing or realize I'm struggling to push through the tough runs.  All she knows is...I'm running and sometimes I'm slow....and that my butt bounces up and down (yes she told me that this weekend as she rode her bike behind me this I remember why I make her go in front of me)

Either way...seeing me struggle and push through it I know is making a positive impact on her.  That is something that I am proud that I'm hopefully teaching her at a young age that she will pick up on early and take it with her through life.  (that's deep for a Monday morning!)

Feeling a good soreness after a 30 minute run and 20 minute 30DS workout
Also something that I realized Saturday night is that I think listening to music when I run by myself is hurting my workout somehow.  Lately I've really been getting frustrated with how well I can run with someone but when I run by myself it's just plain frustrating because I can't go very far and it frankly just pisses me off!  

Well Saturday night I didn't run with music obviously because Miss H was with me.  I don't run with music when with her so I can hear her and we can communicate when running in case she needs something or she needs my 'ok' to cross the street.  I've always thought that running WITH music would be better, keep me motivated and help distract me through the tough times with some good tunes.  However, Saturday night on my run I was thinking about this and how good I felt without the music and started to wonder if it was actually hurting me rather than helping me.  I told myself I needed to test it out. 

Sunday night I planned to run and wanted to try it again with no music and see how it went.  And surprisingly it went great.  Maybe it's the fact that I've been doing strength training or not having music allowed me to actually think through my runs, or maybe it's another phase.  I have no idea.  But I kind of liked it without the music.  Plus it's safer!  Either way....I'm learning more about myself and what my body can do.  I think when running you can't be afraid to try something and afraid that it'll ruin your workout. 

I remember when I used to run in cotton Capri's and was afraid to run in actual running shorts because I was afraid I would just constantly be pulling my shorts down during my runs....and that does happen but I stay way cooler running in actual running shorts than just some lounge clothes so it's worth the occasional moments of having to pull my shorts down because they are riding up.  Either way...I'm learning what works for me. 

So you may be wondering if I'm telling any kind of difference from the shred.  I *think* I am but I'm not really sure.  I think I can tell my arms are getting smaller.  Saturday we went to Kohls to check out what was there and for the first time I tried on pants at Kohls (which they normally never fit me) and they did!  Still a size 16 but they actually fit me and looked nice whereas before there is no way I could have worn pants from Kohls.  However, my size 16 jeans are starting to get too big where I can only where them once right out of the dryer and then after that I'm constantly pulling them up.  All good signs!  I'm not measuring myself though until October 1st to really know the difference! 

Either way...during the 30 day shred or when I think about skipping a day I think about how I posted those Pre-30day shred photos and how I have GOT to do it so I can show a better picture at the end of the month.  As much as I hated posting those...they are motivating me to make sure I look better by the end of the month!!! 


  1. Have you tried Body Glide to rub on your inner thighs? It's supposed to help with chafing because it make your thighs pretty much slip against each other rather than rubbing. Vaseline also has the same effect (and is cheaper). It works! But I still don't like that feeling, so I stick with running capris or longer shorts. The short shorts ride up on me too. I hate that feeling.

    I love running sans-music. It definitely is much safer, especially if you are out by yourself. The only time I would use music now is if I run in the middle of the day in my hood, or if I'm at a park. I used to need music all the time, but I'd rather be more aware of my surroundings - cars, sirens, potential kidnappers... I've grown quite paranoid!!! LOL

    Good luck with the Shred!

    1. I do have Body Glide and I haven't used it a lot. I often forget about it honestly but the few times that I have worn it I'm not sure how much of a fan I am of it. Luckily I haven't had too much of a problem with chafing!!

      Yes no music is definitely safer and I feel better being more aware of my surroundings!


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