Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trip Down Memory Lane

Today I finally went through the rest of my clothes and found a lot of stuff in my "skinny clothes" pile that fits me again.  Lots of sweat pants that I'll be able to wear this fall/winter with running outside. 

I can't tell you how amazing it feels to have fit back into all of my old clothes and some of it being way too big or fitting me better than it ever did.  Kind of weird because some of it I was around the same weight when I wore it last but it fits me better.  I guess that just shows how much exercising really does effect your body. 

Also while I was clearing out boxes of stuff I found old pictures of me back in high school which is the last time I was at my goal weight that I'm aiming for.  Amazing how I used to think I was fat and so ashamed of myself and self-conscious about how I looked and I had no reason to at all.  It will not be like that again! 

Junior homecoming 2000

                                                          Senior homecoming 2001
                            No idea when this was but look how skinny I was!  I will be this size again!

Crazy times but very motivating.  I will get there again! 

Also I finally went and bought the 30 Day Shred....totally scared to do it and not sure what to expect but I'm excited to see what happens in 30 days.  I'll try to post beginning pictures soon. 

Have you tried the 30 day Shred?  Did you make it the 30 days?  How successful was it for you?  Give me some motivation!!!  I'm scared of Jillian!  ha!! 

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  1. I have Ripped in 30, but I think it's the same idea. I liked how her workouts are very short (24 minutes), and how she changes it up each week. Unfortunately, I only completed 4 workouts in one month! My issue was that I do not like doing workout DVDs, but I figure I'd give Jillian a try since I know of so many people who got great results from her 30 day workouts routines! If I was more disciplined to do workouts at home (I just need to get out of the house to do stuff/workouts because I work from home), it might have worked for me, but everyone is different! Good luck with your 30 days!


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