Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting Back into What Works!

Yesterday I wrote about how I have gotten way too comfortable lately and have caught myself slacking off and falling back into hold habits. 

Bad Sarah, Bad!!!

It's way too easy to do when your feeling good and EVERYTHING you wear is too big.  Major problems I know but it's made me get too comfortable and I have no business getting comfortable when I still have 60lbs that I want and need to lose.  I think I need to go shopping for some smaller clothes!!!

So, yesterday I got back on track and this morning the scale dropped a pound!  What did I do?

I wrote down everything that I ate and stayed within my calorie intake that I am wanting to eat in a day and drank a lot of water. 

I "thought" I was being good before and didn't have to write down what I ate each day but it actually makes a huge difference.  Seeing how many calories I have left and knowing how many meals I still have ahead of me makes me question any cheating I might try to do.  I also have been slacking on my water intake.  Still drinking water but not as much as before and I think that makes a huge difference. 

Last night after Miss H's soccer game we rushed home and got her in the shower and thanks to the boyfriend being around, I was able to head out and get a good 30-35 minute run in before it got dark out. 

Anyone else hating how early the sun is going down? 
I don't know what I'm going to do when it's getting dark at 5:30pm!   

It wasn't a great run, I was in pain after a mile.  My legs were so tight and I never thought they were going to warm up but I pushed through it.  Once I stopped I realized that my problem may have been because my shoes laces were really tight...dumb move on my part, ERR!  But either way I did it and felt great afterwards. 

This morning I wore a black sweater dress I haven't worn in years.  I bought it for my BFF's wedding 4  years ago this November I believe and it fits me better than it did back then! 

Side view
Front view
Here's to getting back on track! 

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