Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Christmas List and Wish List

My "Realistic" Christmas List

Canisters...boring but I need them..desperately

a pie I make I would use them to transport cupcakes to and from school for holidays parties for Miss H! 

Big bowls/containers....I don't ever seem to have enough

a butter dish..not this fancy nor FULY!  ewww  Just something to put the stick of butter in. 

Queen sized sheets
I need a running jacket to run outside in. 
Other things I'd love:

Gift cards so I can buy some new clothes from :
Kohls, New York & Co, DSW, JCPenny, Target, Victoria Secret

Gift Cards to:
Bath and Body Works
Massage - 1 hour (each month)
To my salon...I hate paying to get my hair cut/colored

Newspaper subscription to my city's newspaper - don't know why but I feel like I should be getting one. 

Gym membership for the winter months

Isn't it amazing how "boring" your Christmas list becomes as you get older.  I mean seriously...tupperware made my list and I'm actually really excited at the thought of getting them.  ***NERD ALERT***

My "It's not gonna happen for 10 years" Wish List

a new camera...not sure on the brand yet but I want an AWESOME one

Full length mirror...just put like to be able to get dressed and see if my shoes look right...that's not asking much right??

New Mizunos...I'm sure come next summer I'll need them, so that'll have to happen sooner than 10 years

Moving Comfort Sports Bra...heard these are da bomb


New winter coat...preferrablly one that doesn't make me look like her. 
I haven't bought myself a new coat since Miss H was born I believe.  Yikes did I just admit that??
Would LOVE a new kitchen table...not this one but close

patio furniture! 
So if you feel your Christmas shopping list just isn't long enough this year...feel free to add me to your list...I promise I'll act surprised!  :)
What about you?  What's on your Christmas List this year??  Anything you think I should add to mine??

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