Thursday, October 4, 2012

I WILL be in Pictures!

Today I saw an article (this one) floating around on Facebook and I loved it. 

This very topic is one of the main reasons I am on the journey I am on.  I want to WANT to be in pictures with my daughter.  I want to stop deleting every picture of me because I think I look bad.  I don't want to turn down a picture because I don't want to see how I look in it.  I want my daughter to be able to look back at pictures and to be able to SEE ME when I'm no longer around anymore.  I want her to see my smile, laughter, tears, the way I look at her and love her.  I want her to see it all...after all that's all she knows me by. 

She doesn't care that my thighs are tree trunks or that my butt is a little too bootylicious....I'm her mom...I'm the way I'm supposed to be in her eyes. 

Think about it for a second...have you ever looked at YOUR mom and been disgusted with her physical appearance? 

I'm gonna bet that 100% of you  Why?  Because she's your mom.  In our eyes (her children) she is perfect the way she is because she is mom.  Plain and simple. 

I want to be able to give my daughter that.  I want to be in pictures with her.  No matter how messed up my hair is, how shiny my forehead may be, how my double chin is showing, or the rolls in my doesn't matter.  I desire to be in those pictures and to give her those memories she can keep forever. 

My body may not be perfect, it isn't, but no matter what....I am her mom.  What my body is, is who she knows as mom and she doesn't see anything wrong with it and I shouldn't either. 

I'm working hard because I want to be comfortable in those pictures and recognize the person in the pictures again because I haven't for a long time. 

But I aim from this day forward that I WILL NEVER avoid or delete another picture of me and Miss H because I think don't look perfect. 

Promise to never miss out on a picture with your child(ren) starting TODAY and if you don't like the way you look...vow to do something about it and not miss out on making memories with your child(ren). 

I do! 

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