Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ghost & Goblin 5k Race Recap

Last night was my 4th 5k I've ran since I started in April and it was by far the biggest race.  There were well over 3000 runners/walkers and it was crazy! 

Parking was kind of insane because we were in downtown Dayton but just because we had to deal with stop lights and everyone trying to get into the downtown area plus all those trying to leave downtown from work for the day.  I got parked finally and walked over to the stage area where the main area was for the race and quickly found my friends Carol and Laura. 

Carol I didn't get a picture with you but you looked great!!!  Congrats on a great race!!

Laura and me
I've known Laura since college and she's just one of those people you never miss a beat with and I was so glad to see her there!  I think she has me talked into doing the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning (5 miles though...yikes!) 

Love having friends who are also getting into running!  Makes things so much more fun!!

I got in line to go to the bathroom one more time before we started and the lines weren't terrible which was nice considering how many people were there.  It also gave me a chance to check out a lot of people's costumes.  Some of the customes I have no idea how people were able to run 3 miles in.  Just crazy!

A few costumes in line for the potty

Then the craziness started and we all got in line. 

Starting Line
What's up with the dude in the blue posing??  ;)
It was nuts to say the least.  We were packed tight.  They did attempt to have it that areas were labeled with times of where to start at but I don't think anyone paid attention to that.  We started back at the 10 minute pace and we should have either started up front or way in the back. 

Probably my biggest gripe of the whole race was the race started 3 minutes early which threw everyone off because no one was expecting it.  So I had to quickly throw on my music and get going.  However, it took a little over 2 minutes for us to even get over the starting line and then probably another few minutes to where everyone could actually get moving and running.   I also forgot to turn on my RunKeeper App so I don't have my stats according to that. 

Next  year I want wings and a tutu like this girl!
The crowd was nuts and I really wish they would have had it that those planning on running the 5k would have started first and then the walkers start after all the runners cross the starting line because for at least the first mile I was weaving like pac man through the crowds. 

***Note to the wise....if you are having to walk during a race, no one minds if you do, but here's a couple of tips so you don't tick people off or cause injury to others or yourself:

1. If you are running and feel like you need to walk...look behind you before you just stop out of no where, there could be someone just a few feet behind you and they can't read your mind if you are going to suddenly stop out of no where. 
2.  If you are walking with a friend...keep it to 1 other person or if there is multiples of you, don't walk 4 or 5 across, there are people who would love to pass you because they are running and it's hard to when you take up the whole path. 
3.  If you are walking, stay off to the sides so it's easy for those to pass you, it'll keep everyone much happier and safer. 

All of those above happened to me more than once last night and it was irritating and it slowed me down.  I about tripped and fell at least once last night. 

The course was pretty good, hillier (is that a word?) than I had been told but it wasn't terrible.  On the way back to the city we had some great views of downtown and that was nice.  Wish I would have taken some pictures for y'all.  I'm a loser I know!

Coming back into downtown it was a lot of fun.  Lots of people cheering and music playing.  I did finally get to see Miss H and Tony right before I crossed the finish line.  I loved having them there and knowing there was someone there supporting me! 

Thanks Tony for coming and bringing Miss H with you!!! 

My official time for the race was 34:23.  Not my best time but I take the 2 extra minutes it took me was because of the weaving I had to do in the crowds, but that's alright!  I did it! 

The party afterwards was nice.  They had a DJ and tons of pizza from Domino's and lots of fruit and cookies and water for everyone, though I would have loved to get a second bottle of water, but I couldn't find any more. 

How did I feel during the race physically? 

I was tight, I should have stretched more.  Stretching definitely makes a huge difference and I think I would have been able to go faster if I was stretched out better.  It was also hot and there was no breeze at all. 

It was a good race.  I pushed through everything and made it and felt strong at the end and was able to pick up my pace the last quarter of a mile. 

Overall, it was a good race but I think for being the 27th year of this race and it being the size it is, they need to fix the whole crowd issue so that it runs better for safety reasons.  Also if you plan on running in this race in the future, know too that their sizing for their shirts is way off!  I ordered a large and I was swimming in it. 

Like a loser though, I completely forgot about getting a picture of Miss H with me last night but she was there!  And the whole ride home she talked about the race and all the costumes that she saw.  I absolutely loved having her there and knowing she was waiting for me at the finish line. 

Now do I try to do the 5 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving or not? 
Any suggestions on how I work up to that? 

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