Monday, October 22, 2012

I STILL Don't Believe it!

Weekend recap before I get to the good stuff...

I was pretty good with my eating this weekend.  Tracked my food all weekend and was pretty good about staying in my calorie intake.  However, the scale is STILL in the same darn area. 

I'm beyond frustrated!  It's not very motivating when you are doing better and nothing changes!!!  I'm about to call in some experts for advice if things don't change soon.  Not sure who those "experts" would be but I'm gonna have to find their number and call them. 


I also worked out every single day.  Friday was 30 day shred and arm workouts.  Saturday was 30 day shred. 

Yes I'm cool
I felt strong Saturday night.  My muscles were jelly but I love getting through a hard workout. 

Also this weekend, we headed to the pumpkin patch with my sis and newphew.  I love fall and anything that involves pumpkins.  Love it love it love!!!

Me and Miss H
church outfit Saturday...that's a Large sweater not an XL!! 
And now to the good stuff...

Sunday was going to be the only day I could really get a run in and my motivation to do so was getting lower and lower as the time got closer.  I got dressed in a long-sleeve tech shirt and shorts and got Miss H ready for Sunday religion classes and we headed out.  I was tired, my legs felt sore, and it was cold.  Like REALLY cold.  Like I didn't realize how cold it was and probably shouldn't have worn shorts kind of cold. 

Yikes!!  Can we say brr???
I thought it was going to be in the 40s/lower 50s maybe but not in the 30s!  Definitely wasn't helping my motivation.  I dropped Miss H off at her class and went outside and was SERIOUSLY and I mean SERIOUSLY people, considering not going and just being a bum and taking a nap in my car. 

Then I remembered reading someone saying once, that when she doesn't feel like running because it's cold out, she tells herself that she'll run for 10 minutes and if she's not warmed up by then she'll turn around and head back and then at least getting 20 minutes of running in and 2 miles.  So I told myself to just do that and see what happens.  I knew I needed to get a run in because I'm running in a 5k tomorrow evening and gotta get some miles in.  Plus I really DID want to see what I could all handle as far as cold temps and how to dress. 

They say you should dress for 20 degrees warmer than it really is out to run in and for me I'm not really sure what that is yet.  When running in the cold my hands get cold first but if they are warm I am good.  After finally convincing myself to go out and run and reminding myself that I really did want to figure out how I felt with just shorts and a long sleeve shirt on in the cooler temps I went out. 

Ran with my music this time for a distraction, started my RunKeeper and headed out.  At first I was miserable....not because of my legs, or I was cold but because my damn underwear was riding UP and I was getting some major wedgies.  SERIOUSLY?!?  But after we worked that issue out, I was going.  Feeling good, I was cold. but I had my hands tucked in my sleeves and I was pretty warm.  It was cold don't get me wrong, but I wasn't cold cold if you know what I mean. 

While I was running I was debating on where to go.  Turn Right and do a loop and I know I'm going to have to go past where I started to hit 3 miles or go left and do a big loop around a block and end at 3 miles where I started.  Turning left was out of my comfort zone because

1.  I would be running on a main highway facing the traffic and I'm still embarressed for people to see me...retarded because I've always ran outside but when I'm facing the traffic it's like HEY LOOK AT ME, I"M RUNNIN'! 

2.  I wasn't really sure where I had to turn in the neighborhoods to do the 3 mile loop and end up back at the church to get Miss H in time.  I've drove it once but I just could envision myself lost in a back neighborhood and no idea how to get back. 

Major concerns there, right??

Well I got to the point where the decision had to be made and I went left.  Running facing the traffic was like accountability, I didn't want to stop in front of all those people and look like a total newbie!  I got to another stop light, stopped caught my breathe and took off again and I was feeling good! 

I was finally warmed up, completely forgot about my 10 minute running rule and was doing it.  I had my pace and felt AMAZING!  Like really good and was waiting for the wall to hit me that I normally feel around 1-2 miles in but it didn't come.  Which then made me think maybe I turned at the wrong spot and hadn't even hit 2 miles yet.  Oh well, I wasn't letting myself look at my RunKeeper and just went with it. 

I hit hills, which I forgot about when I was thinking about turning left but oh well, I was in them and couldn't do anything about it now.  I read somewhere that with hills you should put in the same amount of effort but shorten your stride and I did that and it actually helped a lot.  I didn't slow down any but it made the hills seem easier. 

I was moving through the neighborhoods, it was so pretty with all the leaves changing colors and falling.  I should have taken pictures but I didn't want to get my phone out and chance seeing how far I had went.  It was a perfect day for running and I felt amazing!  I mean really good.  Every now and then a little self doubt would try to creep in and tell me that I hadn't gone very far but I just pushed it aside and kept going.  Just kept focusing on finding the street I needed to find that would take me into another neighborhood and would lead me right back to my starting point.  I found it and knew I had to be close to 3 miles and I was still waiting for that wall to hit me but it didn't feel like it was anywhere in sight and I just kept going. 

I can't even describe how good I felt, it felt effortless and like it was natural for me to be going that long.  I was enjoying the moment and loving what I was doing.  It was sooooo good!  I made a turn and saw the main road that I needed to hit for me to get back to my starting point and I was feeling I shouldn't stop and just keep going.  I got to the front of the church and looked at my RunKeeper app and saw this

No way!  I'm not convinced that my time is right there just because my first mile it said I was going a 6mm and there is NO WAY I was going that fast but I don't see how it could be off with how long I ran,  the pace yes I could see being off but the time????  I'm not sure. 

This is an area where I am excited with myself and so proud of what I've done but then I'm like...REALLY, I did that???  Come on, there is no way!  This has gotta be a joke right??  I even went and drove the route with my car to make sure it really was 3.1 miles and it was. 

I still don't believe it.  I didn't feel like I was going that fast, I actually felt slower than I normally feel but I also felt really really good!  Almost too good to be true kind of good.  I have NEVER felt that good while running 3 miles.  What is going on?? 

I'll take it though.  For a run that I really didn't think or want to happen, it was amazing and something that I will keep in my mind when not feeling motivated to go run out in the cold. 

Have you ever gotten to a point in something that you just can't believe what you accomplished??

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