Friday, June 22, 2012

First 5k - Race Recap

Good Morning Ladies!!!!!!

I ran my 1st EVER 5k race last night and am freaking sore this morning but WOW was it amazing!  I am so proud of myself and my friend Kristina for how well we did. 

Let's start from the beginning shall we?

So last night after I dropped Miss H off at her dad's I came home and changed into my running clothes.  It was HOT out last night 94 when I got home at 6:15pm from dropping Miss H off to be exact.  Put on a tank top to run with a tshirt, stretched out really good and then headed to Kristina's house to get her opinion on the tank top thing.  I've never ran in a tank top (too embarressed) but it was gonna be hot and I knew I was going to need to keep cool to keep going. 

All ready!
Got Kristina's approval on the tank top and we were off to Sidney for our race!  I was more nervous nelly just excited that I was doing this and knew I was ready for whatever happened. 

We arrived with plenty of time to get parked and find where we were supposed to be and then got checked in.  Stretched some more.  Found out we were on the wrong end to where the start line was so we had to move some bootie to get to the start. 

Pumped up and excited!!!

Kristina and Miss Zoey!  Yes this girl ran the whole thing while pushing a stroller....she rocks!
Got in line to where we thought we should be with our pace...we were thinking around the 10-12 minute mile range.  My goal was to just be under 45 minutes.  I know I can walk the 3.2 miles in an hour so I wanted be at least 15 minutes under that. 

The gun went out and everyone slooooowly crossed the starting line weeding their way through the crowds and finding your way through everyone.  I felt good.....Mile 1was pretty normal for me and at my normal pace which I would say is around a 10-11 minute mile (but that's only running 1 mile at a time)

This course was a lot different than what I am used to running, I like to be able to see how far I have to run and with this course I could not do that.  One the fast runners were coming back towards up it was a mystery the entire time how much further I had to go.  Which was hard because I like to be able to tell myself "it's not that can get to that point"  and I had to do that with just the short distances that I could actually see ahead of myself.  Went down a pretty steep hill and then we went up a pretty big hill which when I saw that thing my goal was to run all the way until I got up there which was about 1.5-1.75 miles if I had to guess. 

Ladies...that hill was my biatch!  I ran like a man up that hill and kicked its bootie without it even knowing it!   I made it that far!  Then I was sore and tired.  My right foot started to fall asleep and I had to walk for a little bit.  This course was a lot hillier than I would have liked for my first 5k.  Not big hills but little ones that are enough to kick your butt.  I needed flat land to let my legs recover some and I couldn't.  Mile 2 was a lot of walking some...jogging some.  We were way back in the woods with this race and trees all over which was nice but it was taking everything I could to keep going when I had no idea where I was going.  I knew I just had to get out of the trees and I would be able to see the finish and I would be doing awesome at that point. 

I hit mile 3 and I knew I could run the last mile and I started off jogging and I could see the opening where we would come out of the trees and I was excited!  Thank GOD!!!!!!!!! 

I hit the opening and I just started going...I was actually able to pick up pace and dare I say...half way to the finish line I started SPRINTING?????  Yeah ...not sure it looked like a sprint to anyone else but I was moving and I was PROUD that I actually had energy to sprint at the end!  I could have ran faster but I was afraid my legs or feet would go out and I would trip and I did NOT want to fall feet from the finish line. 

I DID IT!!!!!!!!  The clock said 38 something and I was PROUD!!!  Way under my goal of 45 minutes!!! 

looking a hot mess afterwards...but I did it!

I found Kristina and found out poor Zoey cried the last half a mile for her.  Poor thing wanted out of the stroller!  We walked away from the finish line to grab some food and water and find a place to sit.  It was great!!!  For being the weight that I am and being able to run the majority of a 5k I am really proud of myself.  I am so thankful that Kristina was there to share this moment with me and that we ran our first 5k together!  I learned a lot about myself this race and running and is a TOTAL mind game! 

This morning I am VERY sore....oh holy muscles.....but it's all good!  I earned this soreness with everything inside me and I am proud!!!! 

Official results from the race!  Not bad at all!!!  And I know I can only get better!  15 out of 26...not bad!!
Now to rest up and heal for the next 5k NEXT Saturday!  Yes...I'm nuts and signed up for 2 right away! 

First tshirt earned running a 5k!!! 
Have a GREAT weekend!  I plan on resting a lot and icing!!!

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