Friday, June 15, 2012

It does get easier!

One of the obvious things about running is's real hard.  However, lately when I've been running my oh so slow mile at a time...that somewhere when I think I'm about to die and fall the ground exhausted....something funny happens.  I find my groove and all of a sudden it's not that hard!  Weird!  Last night I was running out at Duke Park where a 5k I'll be running on June 30th is going to be at.  I wanted to scope out the location since I've never really been there, didn't want to look like a complete NEWBIE. 

At Duke park they have this massive walking/running/bike riding path that curves all around the park, which is nice because there is lots of stuff to look at to keep my mind off what I'm actually doing.  I walked part of the path just to get warmed up and to get an idea of where the heck I was going and then I started running.  I ran half of the path and then stopped to walk again.  Put on an awesome running song that was over 6 minutes long and said I wasn't stopping until this song is over.  So I started running (mind you when I say running...picture a very slooooow run).  I was doing ok and then I hit a point where I really really wanted to stop but I kept going because my song wasn't done yet.  At this park they have these stations that you can do some kind of workout on (not sure if anyone actually uses them from the way they looked) however, they were awesome points for me to focus on during my run, I just kept saying "your going to that next one, and then the next one..."  Right when I thought my song was about over, all of a sudden I didn't feel like I was going to die anymore and I could go for a lot longer and I did!  I ran for 12 minutes instead of just 6 minutes and I even went up a pretty big hill!  Which I have to say, and obviously its way early in my running career, but I think I am a pretty awesome hill runner.  Going up that hill last night, I found extra energy that I had inside me that I didn't realize I had.  Pretty cool stuff!

So from now on, I really need  to remember that when I think that I can't go any longer, I need to remember that I just gotta get through the tough times and that eventually (yes it actually does happen!) it gets easier and I find my groove and I can go a lot longer than I thought I could.  That's one of the amazing things about running, it is totally a mind game with yourself...your mind says you are done WAY before your body is actually done. 

Excited to get out there again tonight with Miss H, she'll love riding her bike on this bike path!

OH!  Also last night I took my measurements and since April 2nd, I have lost 17 inches!!!!!  WHOOHOO!!! 

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