Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Funday - Weigh In...Love/Hate Relationship with Weekends

Monday weigh in - Up .4lbs  Blah! 
Even sicker - as of Friday morning I was down 2.6lbs but THEN the weekend happened. 

This weekend I had a cookout and a bridal shower...which were fun...but it's so hard to eat healthy when you are at those events.  I also am never very good with drinking water like I should on the weekends...I need to glue a water bottle to my hand!  *sigh* so we continue the 2lb shuffle....lose 2lbs...gain 2lbs. 

Yes it sucks when this stuff happens but it seems like I do this a couple of times a month and then 1 or 2 weeks I'll lose 6lbs total between the two weeks.  Oh well....even though it bugs me...I know I will get somewhere and don't worry about it.  This week I will be VERY good!  Plus I have to remind myself that I am running a lot more so I'm also building muscle and supposedly muscle weighs more than I'll stick with that as my excuse!  Yeah THAT is why I gained .4lbs this week.....riiiiiight Sarah! 

This weekend I went for a 3.2 mile walk with my dog Toby.  It was hot on Saturday afternoon but we headed out anyways.  I figured a good sweaty walk would be perfect and hopefully help make up for my eating like crap Friday night. 

Ready to go...look at those skinny legs!  NEVER have I been able to wear these kind of shorts and be comfortable.

Headed out with Toby walking pretty fast...I'm sure I looked like a very serious walker to all my neighbors with my arms and legs going like crazy.  Had 2 get sweaty and to wear the Tobster out!

He started out ahead of me..
And then towards the end was behind me...

Clouds reminded me of Toy Story...can you see it? 
Got home and we accomplished our goal...I was soaked one hot sweaty mess and well Toby...

Was pooped out...successful walk!
Saturday evening I watched my nephew for my sister and brother-in-law...this dude cracks me up. 

He's laughing seeing himself in my phone
 Sunday after the bridal shower I had 1 1/2 hours to waste before picking up Miss H so I had packed a change of clothes and was ready to go out on a run.  I haven't ran since the 5k on Thursday so I was ready to get out there.  It was hot though...92 degrees out...probably not the smartest time to be running but I knew I wouldn't have time once I picked up Miss H so I had to do what I could.  I ran 1.3 miles straight at first and then had to stop, my body heat was getting really warm and I didn't want to push it too hard.  Walked a bit and then ran/walked the rest of the 1.9 miles.  I was so forever greatful to be back in my car, in the air conditioning with a big bottle of water! 

Dinner last night....taco on whole wheat tortia...lots of veggies in this! 

healthy snack
After dinner Miss H and myself went up to the local frozen yogurt place in me some FroYo! 

Happy Monday Funday!  Were you good this weekend and ate healthy?


  1. You're doing amazing! Do NOT let 2 lbs get to you! It's all about how your clothes are fitting and how you feel. Keep your mind on the big picture and don't sweat the small stuff.

  2. Thanks Rachel! I appreciate your encouragement!!


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