Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekly Weigh in - FINALLY 30lbs!!!

I finally hit it...last week I lost 1.2lbs and FINALLY, FINALLY, hit 30.1lbs lost!!!!  THANK  YOU JESUS!!!! 

I am now only 9lbs left to being what I was when I left the hospital with Hailey and 14lbs to what I was before I was preggers 6 1/2 years ago (yes I left the hospital with only 5lbs to lose...makes me kick myself every day for letting myself go so much)!!!  I can't tell you how badly I want to see that number finally pop up on the scale.  When it does, I will probably fall to the bathroom floor and just cry in happiness and excitement.  I can do it!!! 

30.1lbs (can't forget the .1lbs!!) lighter!!! 
Last night I went out for another run.  It was just a quick one because I didn't leave till 8:20pm and it's already starting to get dark at that point here in Ohio.  It was a big ole boring run.  Because it was getting dark out I didn't go too far and just kept curving around my neighborhood, up and down side streets and lots of ins and outs....not fun. 

I've also noticed that I need to work on pacing myself better.  I feel so good at the beginning of my runs and then I poop out around 1.5 miles and struggle doing anything after that.  I need to go slow and steady and I know I could go longer if I did that.  Any suggestions on doing this??? 

Monday night run
Also lately what's been helping me stay on track while I crave something sweetie and so heavenly delicious is this...

I don't know what it is but right now, this snack is HEAVEN!  I get the crunch I love from the celery and the peanut butter is just enough sweet for me that it kills any cravings for something that starts with a CH and ends in OCOLATE.  This has been a key thing on my journey is finding what will kill those cravings but still fulfill them in a healthy way.  Do you have a healthy snack you love??? 

Happy Tuesday!

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