Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where I've noticed changes at

Tonight while I was taking a bubble bath (be jealous ladies) I was thinking about all the changes that I've noticed since I've started focusing on losing weight and getting back into shape and thought I'd share my list. 

  1. Right now I have the least amount of clothes I've ever had because I'm being cheap and not buying anything new yet....this will actually kind of lead into my Fashion Friday post!  *hint hint*
  2. I fit into clothes that I "grew out of" and are actually baggy on me now
  3. I no longer find myself having to take a big breathe to catch my breathe after doing the simplest of things. 
  4. I no longer suffer from acid reflux or heart burn, at all!  No tums for me anymore! 
  5. When taking my bubble baths I don't feel like I'm squeezing myself into the bath tub anymore, there is actually room on BOTH sides of my hips and thighs, before that wasn't true.
  6. Water is my first choice of drink now, I used to hate drinking water.
  7. You RARELY see me drinking pop, and if I do, I limit myself to one a week if that. 

  8. My fridge has always got fresh veggies and fruits in it.
  9. I pack my lunch daily now, I used to eat out for lunch a lot
  10. I've saved money because of #9
  11. I also don't feel so full after lunch because of #9, amazes me how much I actually need to satisfy my hunger and it's not much at all.
  12. I eat breakfast every single day.  I used to think I wasn't hungry for breakfast and so why put those extra calories into my body.
  13. I no longer stop at the gas station on the way to work to grab a coffee or mountain dew
  14. On my way to jewelry show I no longer stop at gas stations for a pop and a candy bar.  I can't remember the last time I had a candy bar. 
  15. I actually think about my portion sizes now and try to balance everything out. 
  16. I feel good in my own body
  17. I feel stronger, when I walk I can tell my body is stronger
  18. Before even stepping on the scale I can typically tell if I've lost weight even before the number pops up, I'm that in tune with my body. 
  19. I can physically see my legs, stomach, butt and arms shrinking. 
  20. I can wear running shorts and I've never been able to .  And love them, so comfy! 
  21. I love feeling sore from a good work out.
  22. I love running, even though it's harder than anything I've ever done, I love pushing my body that hard.
  23. That Miss H is starting to pick up on my habits....wanting to eat fresh veggies and fruits before junk food. 
  24. When Miss H is out riding her bike with Aunt Tracy, she sounds like me "just one more block, you can do it!  Exercise is healthy for you." 
  25. I sleep better
  26. I can't remember the last time I felt stuffed
  27. The thought of feeling stuffed makes me feel nauseous
  28. Because I drink so much water....I spend way more time going to the bathroom a day
  29. Going for a fast paced walk is now too easy for me. 
  30. I'm not hiding behind the walls I built up around myself anymore...I know I'm overweight and I'm not afraid to say it...but I'm doing something about it that is so empowering! 
  31. I'm excited for our Christmas card picture this year, I know I am going to like the way I look in it after way too many years of being ashamed of it.
  32. My jewelry is actually starting to fit better.  Necklaces, watches, bracelets, and even my rings are all fitting me differently. 
  33. And I am confident that this time next year, I will look a lot different than I do now and that I'm not going to stop until I get there. 
  34. Miss H is noticing my body is changing, just the other day she said "Mommy you are losing a lot of weight!" 
  35. No longer feeling like I need to wear shape wear every single day.
  36. I feel confident going and working out with someone else and just going out by myself and not caring what the cars passing me are thinking. 
I may have lost 30lbs so far...but that is just the tip of the ice berg of all the other changes going on.  I can't imagine what else I will notice in the next 30 lbs. 

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