Thursday, August 9, 2012

A different phase, different day

You probably noticed how there for a while I was always running with a buddy, either my BFF or my sister.  And I really enjoyed that....and then something changed in me....

I want to run by myself

huh???  Yeah I know you were thinkin' it too right, but for reals, right now I'm preferring to run by myself.  I ran with my sister on Monday morning and I was still feeling tight, no idea why or what the deal was but since then I haven't asked anyone to run with me.  Not that if they asked I wouldn't say no but for some reason right now for the past 2 days I have actually enjoyed just being out there by myself. 

I get to listen to my music and go at my pace and not feel like I need to go fast because I'm with someone.  Plus I think it's kind of good for me and makes ME push myself harder and farther.  I have actually yelled at myself this week OUT LOUD while I was running.  No one was around me so don't worry! 

It's kind of crazy and funny at the same I always say about Miss H....I'm now going through a phase.  And I'll be honest, it's a nice phase and I'm glad to see myself doing it.  I have no idea how far I run but I'm typically gone 25-30 minutes and I just run.  I don't have a path I follow and know the distance (though I would love to know) I just turn when I want to turn and go wherever I want to go. 

So that's what I'm doing so far....and it's nice. 

Here's my outfit today, picture quality isn't that great we were getting ready to run out the door and I was like WAIT....I look cute todayI should take a picture!  ha!  So here is it! 

The capri's I have on here are only 1 of 2 pairs of pants/capri's/shorts that actually fit me and aren't hanging on me....I can't wait till everything for the beginning of school is paid for and I can go on a guilt free shopping spree for myself! 

Have a terrific Thursday!

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  1. While I quite enjoy the conversation, I've found that running alone IS super nice-- you can take your time up that blasted hill without feeling an ounce of guilt. And if you decide to push it, there's no one to hear your hard breathing! It takes all the self-consciousness out of it.

    And you are rocking the bling!


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