Monday, August 20, 2012

Thank you!

Recently I've been trying to get the word out about my blog a little more.  Being a little braver and sharing it on my Facebook wall more.  Kind of scary to put yourself out there to people who actually KNOW you or you know but haven't talked to in years.  Nothing like saying "HEY!!  Go read how big my booty got and how I'm losing it now!" AHHAHAHA!  Pretty funny and crazy all at the same time!

And it's even better that I've gotten several messages from people saying how amazed they are at me and how I, ME, SARAH!?!, have inspired them to get out and run or get healthy. 

Which as shocking as that is to me, that is exactly why I started this blog...well for many reasons one to hold me accountable but also to hopefully make someone who just feels stuck that it IS POSSIBLE!  You do not have to be what you have always been and I'm slowing finding that out and amazing myself and I know you can too!

Sincerely thank you to everyone who has sent me messages, it really truly means so much to me.'s actually another way to hold me accountable.  Sometimes when writing this blog I feel like I'm writing to strangers and heck you can write anything to a stranger but when your faced with knowing that people who you could actually run into are reading it makes it a little scary!  It's a good scary though because it's not letting me hide behind any of my walls anymore and just learning to be accepted for who I am.

I'm Sarah, an overweight single mom who is slowing finding herself again and becoming a runner and enjoying the journey as it comes.  I've put up a lot of walls about accepting myself for who I really am and being ok with that and this whole journey is literally taking 1 layer off at a time and it's exciting!   

So again, thank you to everyone for your kind words!  I hope you keep reading and share my story with others! 

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