Friday, August 17, 2012

NEW Clothes!!!

So last night while I was trying to put laundry away I had to refold a bunch of my tshirts because I'm notorious for digging for my favorite ones.  Totally defeats the point in folding my shirts when I do this but whatever...that's a whole different topic. 

Anyways...while I was digging I found an Adidas workout t-shirt that I bought, I would guess 2-3 years ago, when I was in denial what size I was.  I've always found that Adidas or even Nike work out clothes seems to run smaller than normal clothes.  I may wear an XL most of the time but an XL in Nike or Adidas would NEVER fit.  Well I bought them probably at Kohl's or something and got home to find out that they didn't fit at all and for some reason I was just too lazy or depressed that they didn't fit me and so I never returned them. 

Well GUESS WHAT?!?!?!  They actually fit me now!  WHOOHOO!!!  PARTY!!! 

Ariel totally photo bombed these pictures, whatev, and I may look retarded because I'm having to balance myself on the tub and not hit my head on the shower rod but LOOK THEY FIT!!!  PERFECTLY!

I was so stinkin' excited last night I could have called and texted everyone I knew!  But I spared everyone and only bugged my Tony and his only response was "that is good news".  HUH?  That is good news??? Not even an (!) or anything. 
Note to self:  Do not go to a man to share in your excitement when you've lost weight...they don't get it, stick with your girlfriends!  Anyways, I least the boy lets me go run when he's around so he gets bonus points for that one. 

Can't wait for the weekend to have time to run finally!  Miss H is at her dad's which means I have 3 days to get good runs in! 

Have a fabulous weekend! 

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