Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap - Making the time

This past weekend we didn't have a whole lot going on and so I wanted to really try to get in as much running as I could with having Miss H.  I said it before I've slacked off some on exercising every day and that's partly because it is so dang hard to get Miss H out the door.  It involves a lot of whining, maybe some bribing for park time or just plain old telling her we are going outside and just going.  I managed to get in around 5 miles this weekend and I'm pretty happy with that. 

Friday night around 7:30 I started telling Miss H that I wanted to go for a run and asked her if she wanted to try to run with me or ride her bike.  This is what I got...

She started to put a movie in...huh? 
 She loves to try to ignore me sometimes, she may be only 6 but she's going on 16 full-force some days!  After telling her if she didn't go out on a run/bike ride with me that she would be going to bed at her usual time rather than staying up later on the weekends she went and grabbed her tennis shoes! 

Ready to try running with Miss H.  She looks adorable...I look a hot mess
little cutie
 We started out walking some and then we started to run.  She did ok for the first block and then it was pulling teeth after that.  She'd run and then walk but she did pretty good for her first time out with me.  I ran the whole time just a lot slower.  I'd say we got in around a mile together.  We ran back home and she got on her bike and I ran just a little longer to try to get in a decent run.  It was fun and she seemed pretty excited that she tried it! 

Saturday Miss H had soccer and then a birthday party.  At her age you never know if parents are going to stay or leave the birthday party and so I was kind of planning on staying but once we got there Miss H wanted me to leave.  Not that I complained, I'll take 2 hours to myself!  Got home and decided I was going to go for a run.  Probably not the smartest move I've done yet but I was safe about it.  It was HOT this weekend and running at 1pm in the afternoon is something that I've never done before but I thought it couldn't be that bad and I could always walk if it got that bad.  I had no desire to run a certain distance, just wanted to get out and run while I had a moment to myself. 

And I wore a black tank top...stupid!
I started out feeling good but as time went on I just got hot.  I was sweating like crazy and could just feel my body temp rising and so I stopped and walked the rest of the way home and immediately rumped into a cold shower.  Never purposely taken a cold shower before and O.M.G did it feel amazing!!!!! 

One cool thing that I tried out this weekend was a new app I heard of.  It's called RunKeeper. 
It literally tracks your runs for you and tells you how far you've ran.  Pretty cool!!  I tried it out on Saturday and was pretty impressed with it. 

Here is my Saturday run, tells you how far I ran, how long and what my average pace was.  Pretty cool!!!  And it's a free app so check it out!

Sunday we churched it and then ran to the grocery store afterwards.  Got home and made lunch and started cutting up my veggies for the week.  Something that I've learned to help keep me on track with eating my veggies is to always have them cut up and to find the time to cut them up is to do it right away.  You get home from the grocery store and you're already in the kitchen putting things away, so just stay in there and cut everything up.  I know if I leave the kitchen trying to get motivated to cut everything up later is like pulling teeth.  I dont' like doing it and so I gotta do it while I'm putting things away because I know I won't want to come back to it later. 

Miss H enjoying some of the cauliflower as I cut it seeing her enjoy veggies like her mama. 
Sunday night I wanted to get another run in, a decent one for the weekend and so I had to drag Miss H out with me again.  She hoped on her bike and surprisingly she didn't complain much at all, which was good because it was so hot out still at 7pm last night and I think if she would have complained much it would have just made me quit all together. 

Sunday personal distance record!
I was surprised how far we went, especially since it was so hot out but we did it.  I was one sweaty hot mess when we got done.  I'm not sure how accurate that pace is, I didn't feel like I was going that fast but who cares...all I care about is the distance!  Took another cold shower when done and iced the rest of the night after Miss H was in bed. 

Overall I am proud how well I did with running this weekend and not letting Miss H's complaining stop me from getting a work out in.  I took advantage of the time I had to run and did it.  It was hot out but I pushed myself through it and hopefully it'll help with my weight loss for the week.  However, I am definitely excited for the cooler temps this fall, bring them on!! 

Did you push yourself to working out this weekend? 


  1. No I didn't push myself at all........excuses,excuses, excuses. I applaud your determination!

    1. haha! At least you admit it, that's always the first step! :)


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