Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sneak Peak at Fashion Friday!

Remember me saying last Friday how I was going to start a weekly post about accessories?  Well we are going to call it FASHION FRIDAY!!!!  So creative right???  Glad you agree!  Hey I work in accounting I NEVER claimed me the creative type ok? 

Now don't hold me accountable to being ultra fashionable...I'm not.  I'm not big into labels or what brand something is.  I mostly shop at Kohls, Target, Marshalls/TJ Max and New York & Co.  I'm a simple girl who shops for bargains and NEVER buy anything that doesn't already go with something else in my closet.  Look at that, you just got your first tip there for free and didn't have to wait all the way until Friday!  Lucky you!

This picture is a sneak peak to this weeks Fashion Friday!  See if you can figure it out! 

Tonight I went for another 2 mile run.  I felt very strong the first mile of it.  My strides were longer and I was moving it.  And then my energy ran low and I had to pull out everything inside of me to finish the last mile but I DID IT!!!!  3 days in a row now of running....can we make it 4??  We will see! 

Wish me luck tomorrow morning, my baby girl is starting 1st grade which means I will be all tears when she gets on that bus and leaves me. 

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