Friday, November 2, 2012

***FASHION FRIDAY*** Long Necklace & Ta-Tas

Long Necklace & Ta-Tas!!

Don't get all squirm-ish with the work "ta-tas" being in the title of this post...this is a really good fashion tip and you won't want to miss it. 

***excuse the picture in this post, they are embarressingly bad but this

week has been insanely busy and it was a last minute thing last night at 10pm!***

First off...I need to know if you meet any of these "symptoms"

- Are you "blessed" with larger ta-tas?  

- Do you like to wear longer necklaces or have this feeling that you wish you could? 

- Do you feel like when you combine your overly blessed ta-tas and long necklaces that the necklace just ends up drawing attention to the grand canyon between the ta-tas and the necklace doesn't lay right? 

If you answered yes to all of these questions...I have the solution for you! 

Do you remember when I was doing the Wardrobe 101 series and I showed you what tops to have in  your closet? 


Well Cami's are great because you can use them for layering, changing up your wardrobe...but they are also great for preventative great canyons in the northern region if you catch my drift! 
Get it??  Drift...ya know cause your necklace drifts inward???  HAHAHA???  ahhh...oooook movin' on!

Got a shirt you want to wear and want to wear a long necklace with it but you have this problem? 

Where a cami underneath the top you want to wear...

And BOOM!  No more grand canyon or accenting the ta-ta's anymore! 

Got a problem with your necklace wanting to "frame" the ta-ta's? 

Just shorten your necklace some...

No more framing...because it's not longer possible!


You're welcome!  ;) 


Last night was the first night of week 2 of my training, and thanks to my awesome neighbor Danielle for watching Miss H, I was able to get my 3.5 mile run in!!! 

what the temp was when I left...and it quickly dropped over the next 40 minutes

really dark out!
It was "warmer" yesterday than what it had been lately so I put on shorts and a long sleeve tec shirt and headed out.  Brought my phone but no music for safety reasons.  I didn't want to go too far out and so I just stayed in my little part of my neighborhood since it was dark out already, which was insane when I looked back at my path...let's just say I did about 5 loops last night on the run.  Just needed to get the miles in!!! 

The first mile my right leg was tight and felt heavy to pick up and I was worried I wouldn't be able to go the 3.5 miles.  Note to gotta wear your boot more dummy!

Thankfully though after 2 miles that went away and I was able to keep truckin' along.  I felt pretty good actually during most of the run besides my right leg being tight and that just amazes me.  Three miles is starting to become "normal" for my body to be able to handle.  WOW!  Never thought I'd think that. 

It got chilly and chilly quick and the wind started to pick up.  I was fine for the most part, but when I was going into the wind were the only times I really wished I hadn't worn shorts...but I survived!!  Also was weird running in the dark.  I've done it before but never on my own.  My neighborhood is pretty safe I would say but you just never know and I definitely kept my eyes open and alert for what was going on around me. 

I finished right in front of my house and I was tired and thankful it was done, but shortly after I was done I realized I wasn't as tired as what I thought I was.  I am definitely ready to start picking up my miles and running further. 

Training plan this weekend - Saturday 3 miles, Monday 3.5 miles!! 

Love me some frozen veggies...for more reasons than just eating!

Happy Friday Y'all!!

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