Monday, November 5, 2012

New Stuff This Weekend

This past Saturday I was due for another 3 mile run with my training plan.  Even though I'm excited/nervous about running more than 3 miles, it's exciting to see myself running 3 miles more consistently and pushing myself through to reach that mileage.  Three miles is still hard but it is doable and I just have to keep reminding myself that it seems to get easier after I hit 3 miles.  weird I know!

First things first, this weekend I invested in a few things for running and OH MY GOSH WOW!!! 

Saturday morning I stopped in at Up and Running a local running store to check out two things.  First, lately my legs just haven't been feeling that great after my runs, even the next day.  I'm not sore but it's like my circulation or just a tingling feeling is still going on the next day and I thought I needed compression socks but after talking to the girl in the store, she recommended I try a Foam Roller first (less expensive) and start using that after I stretch after my runs for 15 minutes to help with recovery. 

Looks so innocent here

Rolling around on this thing Sunday night again

I rolled around on this thing after my run on Saturday and WOW and OUCHY are what came to my mind as I was rolling around on this thing.  Why? 

I couldn't believe how much it hurt to roll around on my IT band or the inner part of my thighs and my shins/calves.  Didn't hurt the front or back of my thighs but WOW on those other spots.  No wonder I am so tight on my runs, seriously!!!  The areas that I am often most tight in or have a little bit of pain in, were the areas it hurt to roll around on and I could tell it was working.  And thankfully, my legs really did feel a lot better Saturday afternoon, so hopefully I'm on the right track to not being so tight. 

I also purchased one of these bad boys and seriously...I have heard these things are like heaven in a bra...and I couldn't agree more!  I'm ummm...blessed..... in the northern region if you could say that and my sports bras from Target, Wal-mart, etc were just not cutting it anymore and I didn't realize how much they definitely weren't cutting it until I tried these things on.  There is no bouncing going on at all anymore!  They don't move!!!!!!!  And for the first time I ever I felt like I actually looked good in a sports bra.  So much so that I almost considered showing you guys and then I remembered I wanted to keep my readers not scare them away!! 

I tested my new sports bra out first thing Saturday after I purchased it and couldn't believe how good it felt. 

Wearin' the new Moving Comfort Sports more saggy sports bra look!
It supported me during my entire run AND my shoulders didn't hurt during my run at all!  I didn't think that was related to my girls but apparently it was and was causing me pain due to my lack of a good sports bra.  Who knew?!?!  Even though these things were expensive...they are worth it.   I highly recommend going and getting a good sports bra if you too are "blessed" up top ladies!! 

So enough of the new run Saturday.  I headed out around 11am which in hindsight, for the route I wanted to do probably wasn't the best idea just because of the number of cars out but oh well.  I ran a pretty big block outside my neighborhood and it was definitely a very public run.  Public as in, half of it was a long a major high way! 

I felt really good though, almost fell once because I wasn't paying attention to my feet and the older sidewalk, but it was good.  I went up a BIG overpass and I learned how BIG and LONG that hill was as I was going up it.  It was tough and my legs were so tired by the time I got over the thing I was so gratefull for a red light to stop me and let my legs rest.  For being in such a public are and running, I felt really good and wasn't embarrassed at all with having so many people see me run and that was such a great moment to experience.  I used to not want to run because I didn't want people to judge me on how much I looked like I shouldn't be out there and now I just don't care.  When I hit that main highway I was in my second mile and still feeling strong and I know not many people passing me in their cars could probably do what I was doing Saturday morning. 

My runkeeper app told me I hit 3 miles and I just kept going.  I started to feel really good and like my legs were just taking over and I seriously thought about just going until I couldn't anymore but I decided I better just stick with my training plan and not cause injury to myself.  Last thing I need to do is get hurt! 

11-3 Run
It always amazes me how much my runs differ from day to day because on Thursday last week it took me 40 minutes to run 3.5 miles and if I would have run that amount on Saturday I would have been way below that!  Each run is so different from the other, you gotta take the good with the bad. 

Overall, it was a great weekend.  I'm really proud of myself for getting to where I can with running 3 miles regularly and being able to push past it and even being willing to run in areas way outside my comfort zone. 

Tonight is another 3.5 miles!!  I am definitely on track with my training for the 5 miles on Thanksgiving day!!

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