Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dumbest Blonde Moment EVER!!!!!!!!!

As y'all know I was in DC last week for a conference and it just hit me yesterday that I was in the same down as Georgetown Cupcake.  Ya know...the one from TLC "DC Cupcake". 

Source - their website

I thought I was like 20 miles or something from where they were located and totally cut it off as not possible with the limited amount of free time I would have while in town. 

Well...after craving cake like crazy today and talking to my BFF, I used my trusty tool google maps just for shits and giggles to see how far it really was....and well....I about had the shits and cried for my dumb-ness. 

Will you look at that...courtesy of google maps

2.5 freaking miles!!!!  Not 25 Miles....not 52 miles.......2.5 MILES!!!!!!!!

I was instantly to my are gonna kill me...I could have caught a cab and been back and still caught happy hour it was so close.  And she was like...Yo RUN 3 miles....

And reality sunk in even more....  I could have had 2 cupcakes and ran both ways and it would have been worth it. 

I suck.
MAJOR blonde moment. 

Dumb Dumb and just Dumber! 

I was so close to that gotta be awesome goodness and I failed miserably. 

Of course my BFF tried to make me feel better

"But we are too good for that stuff...pass the carrots and water please!'

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA...whatevs!  Pass the frosting please is more like it! 

Is it bad that I'm hoping I get sent to another boring conference there just so I have another shot at it?? 

source - their website

*Sigh*  Sorry I missed a chance at devouring you dear sweet cupcake! 
Major fail on my part!  *Sigh*


  1. Girl, don't even worry about it... once you get there the line is usually out the door and around the block, so you'd have to wait a while for the cupcake goodness. They do ship nation-wide though... ;)

    1. hahaha Thanks Jacy for making me feel better!


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