Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Ate Crap and Ran Like Crap....WINNING!

I wasn't going to post today....even as I write this I'm not sure this will actually go public. 

Why am I am being all loser-ish today?

My mind is mush...almost literally. 
My list making skills have gone nuts and I should probably be checked - in somewhere. 
I've got lists for my lists people!  ahhhh! 

I'm stressed out because I'm leaving town tomorrow for work and heading to Washington DC...anyone in that area??

Being a single parent and having to travel for work (don't do it much) but when I do...it's like adding a whole 6 months worth of stress on in just 1 day.  I can't just pick up and go...I gotta plan whose watching Miss H and whose getting her to and from school.  Thanks to Tony, my BFF and my mom everything will be taken care of...but I'm still stressed because I'm worried about Miss H. 

Worried she won't be prepared for her spelling test because mama isn't around, worried she'll forget to wear tennis shoes on Friday because it's gym day.  Oh don't worry...Tony's got his own list of lists going on too just for him!  :) 

No one does it quite like mama and that has me worried, stressed and a little frazzled. 

And I've been eating like crap because of it.  I've had to dump all change in my purse into Miss H's piggy bank just so I don't run to the vending machine.  I bought reese cups yesterday at CVS...not sure why but I felt like absolute crap after I ate them...like I needed to throw up kind of bad. 

Took Miss H to girl scouts last night and attempted to go for a run and it was the crapiest craptola  of a run I've had in a long time.  Probably due to the mountain dew and Reese cups I had....I'm awesome I know! 

I had to go potty as soon as I hit 1 mile and I was about a mile from my sister's house who refused to answer her phone and let me use her bathroom (kidding of course...but she still didn't answer her phone) and my house keys were in my car which were back up at the school which were about 3/4s of a mile away. 

My shoulders hurt, my side ached, my legs felt heavy and I had to squeeze my butt cheeks and run all at the same time to try to desperately get back to the school to use the little girls room before it got really real. 

I only did 2.3 miles and I was mad at myself afterwards. 

Mad that I let my stress get the best of me and let myself eat like crap. 
Which led to feeling sick, having a bad run, and having to squeeze my butt cheeks together. 

It was an awesome night let me tell ya!  ;) 

Today is a new day, which is bringing more stress already, YAY!!!, but it's my boy's birthday!!! 

Happy 33rd Birthday Sweetheart! 
Love you lots! 


  1. LOL!!! Girl, crapping is a part of running! :) They say you aren't a real runner until you crap your pants on a run. LOL! OK, well, it's never happened to me, but I know PLENTY of runners that have to take pit stops and drop trou in the middle of a run... even during races... Oh the stoires I have heard. Do not feel bad. Everyone had bad runs, you just have to take the good with the bad and learn from them! :)

    I'm from the DC area! Bring your running clothes... if you can make it to the Mount Vernon Trail on the Virginia side of DC... I highly recommend it. Otherwise, I'm sure you can get a lot of city running in. Lots of runners there! Where are you staying?

    1. lol Thanks for making me feel better, I haven't done that yet but I'm glad to know if that ever happens I won't be alone!

      I'm staying right around capital hill. :)

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