Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So yesterday Miss H jumps in the car after I pick her up and she's all excited because she got her pictures back.

I'm immediately in panic mode...what pictures??

Miss H...you know mom...the ones you forgot about!!

opps...my bad

Didn't turn out too terrible though for us completely forgetting it was picture day. 
She may blend in with the background but at least her hair is combed and she's got a cute smile. 


Oh well...memories people...it's all about memories!!

Also yesterday I did 2, yes TWO, workouts yesterday. 

I ran/walked while Miss H was at tumbling and then after dinner I did the 30 day shred. 


I am loving the scale this week too...I'll report on that Friday or Monday...which ever day I'm not feeling lazy!  <--- ha I'm funny!   (no you're not)


  1. Spent the last few evenings reading ALL of your blog, and really enjoyed it. :) I'm also working on losing weight and running (I've done the couch to 5k program twice before - both times I got to jogging 25 minutes and then got overuse injuries, so this time I'm going REALLY SLOWLY and repeating each week 2-3 times), and I'm completely motivated by how far you progressed last year. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Lindsay for the kind words!!! I feel your pain (pun intended) with your injuries...stretching I've learned is key and strength training!!! :) GOOD LUCK on your journey!!!


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