Monday, April 8, 2013

Messages from the Toliet Make my Heart Smile!!!

First things first...Miss H has been doing the cutest thing lately of grabbing my phone and taking pictures of herself or leaving me a video message.  It is the BEST surprise I get when I look back at the pictures on my phone and realize she left me a surprise.  My relationship with her has truly started to bloom lately.  I'm not sure what has happened but it's like she's finally opening up to me and talking to me about stuff and I love it!  This is something that I have always struggled to get her to do with me.  I want her to talk to me about anything and the fact that it's already forming makes my heart smile. 

Picture I found from Saturday this past weekend. 

 Her most recent video...yes she's on the toilet leaving me this message too  :)

This also happened this weekend.  Sunday morning while Miss H was at religion class I was going to head out for a walk.  Didn't plan on running just because it's still pretty painful to just walk a fast pace and I'm trying to slowly working my way back up and NOT get injured this time.  After walking a mile I was like, screw this I'm running even if I just run a block and then walk a block, I want to make this workout worth my while.  Mind you I had on a sweatshirt and my glasses on.  Obviously I wasn't planning on running!! 

It was tough but it was doable.  I was freaking hot with the sweatshirt on and we all know I don't like to be hot when I run!  Towards the end I wasn't walking at all, just running a nice slow and even pace and it felt so good!!!  I was shocked to see how many calories I burned!  And the weather was awesome.  Spring is here in Ohio and I couldn't be more happy about it.  Bring on the Spring/Summer runs!!!  I am ready!!!

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