Friday, April 5, 2013

30th Birthday Cake *Challenge* 30th birthday is coming up towards the end of this month. 

Am I freaking out about turning the big 3-0??

Hell to the NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I honestly can't wait to turn 30. 

Call me crazy. 



In all seriousness, I'm serious when I say I'm seriously ready to turn 30...seriously!

hahaha  did that get on your nerves?? 

*like seriously*


I cannot wait to turn 30.  My 20s have pretty much sucked, I've gotten my monies worth out of them and it's time to say SIANARA!  (<--- is that how you spell that??)

I'll write about that in another post but my BFF texted me early this morning with a new idea!

And I'm allll about it. 

One thing me and my BFF share, is our love for cake!  So it's perfect for us. 

Put cake in front of us and tell us what we gotta do to get it and you bet we are gonna do it! 

So bring on the cake challenge!!!!!

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