Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Remembering Why I started

I'll be honest...I've slept in the last two mornings and have no gotten to the gym.  It's my fault because I went to bed too late and I can't get up that early if I go to bed at 11pm!  Duh Sarah! 

This morning I saw it some where, not sure if it was on facebook or pinterest but it said

"Remember why you started" 

And I've kind of forgotten and lost my drive and I think that's exactly why. 

When I would start out on my runs I'd push myself harder by constantly thinking to myself

"I want to set a good example to Miss H"
"I don't want to be the fat mom amongst all of Miss H's friend's mom"
"I want to be in pictures with Miss H and like them and want them all over my house!" 

I honestly can't remember the last time I thought about those things. 

When I want a cookie or something sweet that isn't healthy....I need to put Miss H in front of that and make myself pick between her and those empty calories. 

Of course I'm going to pick my child over anything else but I've stopped putting that visual in my head. 

I just have to remember my WHY and WHY I want to lose the weight.  WHY I want to be healthy! 

My Why begins and ends with my daughter.  She's the most important thing to me.  Ever since she's been born I've made some HUGE decisions based on what is best for her.  It is best for you to have a mom who is healthy and happy with herself! 

I owe that to my daughter.  

Snuck of picture of Miss H playing "beauty shop" with my hair

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