Monday, March 25, 2013

Sometimes Mom Duties Take Priority

I know many of you have probably been DYING to know how I did in the race on St. Patty's Day....and I'm sad to let you know...I didn't do it.
I ended up having to put my wants behind where Miss H needed to be that day and so I skipped out.  Which I'll be honest...wasn't all that bad considering it was a chilly 34 degrees and breezy out! 
But I did get my tshirt from that day (whole point of paying for a race anyways right??  Can I get an AMEN??) 
Anyone there??
Moving on! 
I'm getting back at it though.  Trying to get my eating under control again and drinking my weight in water each day.  This weekend its supposed to be in the I'm going to get back out there and start up again. 
Love this little girl!

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