Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow day, sweater, and my new love

Not a lot whole lot of exciting stuff going on around here. 

I've been cleaning and going through a lot of stuff a my house lately and have actually dragged some things to my office to make it more "homey" and "me" at work. 

I've always done contract work so I've never been in an office for very long...but with being at my current place for almost 3 years...I think it's time to decorate a little. 

View from my chair at my desk. 

Found this litle guy this past weekend. 
I've been slightly obsessed with owls lately and have refrained myself from buying them until I met him. 

It snowed like crazy here in the last 12 hours...and then it's supposed to be 54 on Saturday...HELLO OHIO WEATHER!

New Sweaer I found at Old Navy
Miss H didn't approve of it at all....said I wasn't a "cool mom" in it. 


Apparently she doesn't know that polka dots are in right now. 

It's super soft and I'm not sure if I like it either but it reminds me of those old sweaters my mom used to put me in for school pictures from the early 90s, you know with the big stripes and stars and hearts on them. 

I'm reverting back to being 7 with Miss H I guess. 

But I'm STILL a Cool MOM! 

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