Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First "Race" of 2013..kinda

Anyone else running in a St. Patty's Day Race? 

I'm "running" a 4 miler but there ain't gonna be no racin' going on around here for me! 

After yesterday's trial run...I'll be surprised if I can run 3 miles without walking. 

I fully plan on walking some of it (and drinking green beer at the same time) and supporting my fellow runners as I eat drink their green beer their dust. 

My co-worker talked me into doing and I'm now regretting it and throwing office supplies at him during all working hours because I know I'm not going to do well but Whatev right?? 

It's the start of the running season and there's FREE GREEN BEER afterwards....and of course

I get a tshirt for participating. 
It's ALL about the tshirt..duh! And the green beer...

They didn't say how much you gotta participate...but I'll be participating in some shape that day.

Does picking up my registration packet = participating?? 

One thing this "race" will do is kick my butt back in gear and get me back out there again. 

Should be fun....with all that green beer. 

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