Thursday, December 20, 2012

Being a Bum isn't all that Awesome

It has been almost a month now, with the exception of the one day, since I ran the 5 mile turkey trot and hurt my Achilles tendon.  I'm gonna be honest with you, when you go from not exercising to exercising regularly and not sucks! 

I feel like poo.  I feel disgusting.  I can't believe I probably felt like this all the time before April this year....gross, nasty, ick!!! 

This weekend after Miss H goes to her dad's I am getting back out there, even if that means going and paying $9 to use the YMCA's treadmill...I gotta do SOMETHING!  I can't keep feeling this's despressing!  Hopefully it's not too terribly windy/snowy this weekend and I can try to run outside..even a mile would  be amazing!

I don't know about you all but I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed lately.  Maybe something to do with all the wedding plans but I think it's also because I just haven't been burning my energy like I was when I was running.  Being a bum isn't all that it's built up to be...let me tell ya! 

And it doesn't help when I walk into work in the morning and I've got a box of this golden deliciousness waiting for me! 

That's the shiz niz right there if your from the Dayton know what I'm talkin' about
Another reason why I'm stressed....

stupid tree
I love my tree.....when all the damn lights stay on!  When Tony sent this picture to me yesterday while I was gettin' the hair did I wanted to scream right then and there!  This is the second time this darn thing has gone out on me.  Thankfully my future-father-in-law has one of those "guns" that you use to recharge your lights or something and he's going to come over today to hopefully fix the darn thing so it at least stays lite until New Years.  I'm not even annoyed with my decorations yet with them being in the way but I'm annoyed they won't stay PRETTY!!!!  ERRR!!!

Yesterday Miss H also got her new glasses she picked out.  No more cute purple and pink ones...she wanted grown up ones that "blend with her hair"...huh???  She is 6 right??  After more trying to convince her otherwise I finally gave up and realized she had her mind made up and she was the one who was going to wear them anyways.  Just kind of a sad mommy moment if you know what I mean! 

6 going on 16 right??

she's too cute for her own good

Last year's picture of her glasses...such a cute face!

That's the awesomeness going on right now...I know...your jealous.  no??  hmmm

Please say a prayer to the running god this weekend that I am healed and am able to run.  I don't even want to run long distances right now...just 2 -3 miles would be perfect!  I just wanna run so I don't feel all icky!  PLEASE!!!!!!!

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